Vermintide 2 keeps crashing on start up

I have tried the delete the easyanticheat folder and running the anticheat exe a few times while checking integrity of game files and redownloading them.
Still nothing. I am thinking of returning game on steam.

GUID: 4b58a677-eff2-4866-91f1-075bb9dba4b2
Log File:
Info Type:

Which Anti-Virus are you using @mglines?

I am using microsofts virus protection

Latest Game Crash info

GUID: edaab61e-42e7-47e4-b4bf-9a7092610203
Log File:
Info Type:

So I tried what i found in this thread to see if it would work and here is the new error.


Apologies for the delayed response, what exactly did you try - launching in the Modded realm?

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