Vermintide 2 won't launch because of Easy Anti-Cheat

Hi. It’s me again. Posting about the same problem I had like a couple of months ago. I’ll probably get the same response I got last time with instructions that didn’t resolve the issue for me, but I figured I might as well try because I was actually able to play the game recently. By recently I mean that I saw the game update like a couple of days ago, and figured “Hey this shite’s the love of my life and I haven’t touched it for a while” and bam it launched. I was overjoyed. Played for days on end. Then I got stone walled again. Imagine my disappointment. Here’s the details.



When I delete the “Certificates” folder I’m able to get past these to get stone walled yet again. I’ve uninstalled the game, re-installed. Verified game-cache. You name it. Explain to me what in the good graces of god changed if I was able to gain that window of time where I was recently able to get into the game without error and now I can’t.

GUID: efa2eee7-a616-4315-b33f-2bc29bbd194c
Log File:
Info Type:

Sorry we weren’t able to help you last time. I think in this case it’s best that you reach out to Easy Anti-Cheat directly:

I’d recommend that you include a copy of the problematic DLL.

Alright. I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

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