Fun Zealot Idea

After the halloween event, the skull should appear on every map but only visible to a Zealot player. Once picked up, turns all of his green health to white health. Player could choose to destroy the skull or keep it to receive ONLY white health from all sources for the duration of the game. It will still take the potion slot and still get destroyed if he dies.

Super duper fun idea :smile:
If the Zealot dies, a system message pops up in chat saying โ€œYou may have vanquished but your true Zealot spirit lives on.โ€ Or, โ€œYou may have vanquished but are not forgotten.โ€

Probably a stupid idea but could make Zealot players happy all while finding a way to keep the skull in the game year round. In all seriousness, Zealots got forgotten about hard with all of the team heals that got added. They should have one thing thatโ€™s just for them.

I heard an idea that his ult should turn his green health into white health.


kinda like it does a mod available for modded realm.

But honestly not always make sense, especially if you want to heal for some moments that are absolutely critic, as in for example you have Heart of Iron broken, you want some green health, instead of THP decreasing over the time.

Then sure, you can build THP over the time, it is very possible.
But Zealot can just ult and get damaged and being at low hp enough to get all the 6 stacks with no problems, even during a serious horde.

I doubt nurglings and the skull will remain after the update.