Zealot: a talent or career perk that turn all healing into temp health

Give Zealot a talent or career perk so all healing done to him turns into temp health. It’s not a fun mini-game having to avoid healing from bot’s & other players. Just hoping that Grey Knight doesn’t get the Regeneration quest or Waystalker not having Rejuvenating Locus. In chaos wastes it’s even worse. It has been 5 years now, please change this before moving onto new projects.

Might be cool if Zealots just had a command that has them flagellate themselves to convert portions of health into temp health. Like the skull of Bosphorus except more thematically sound

Exactly my thoughts, would fix Zealot in pretty much every scenario. Maybe just bind it to [R] on melee weapons, so that it won’t be as clunky as the skull?