FS Please say something or rethink your PR

Well I mean. You’re doing an example right now by conversing with us, so that’s THREE now. Just needed to casual talk in official capacity.

Most of my heroes didn’t (possibly none of them afaik), but most of them have also now been gobbled up by Microsoft, so who knows how that will go. They could release something profitable and still get shuttered.

But she’s no longer getting paid to talk to us. Which is a crime, because she’s the only one talking to us.


I’m not official anymore. I don’t think conversing with me will get you any more or less info on what’s coming up in Darktide.


Man. My heroes let me down hard. A notable example is Warren Spector, legendary creator of System Shock, he did some weird game called Underworld Ascendant that bombed so hard, then he abandoned it.

That’s the thing though. We don’t want news. We just want official representatives from Fatshark to acknowledge us or even casual talk like what you’re doing right now.

When you look back to the community sentiment from when Darktide first released; it makes a lot of sense as to why so many of us felt the way we did, to the point we were ready to pounce on any missteps from Fatshark. We felt abandoned after that awful release. Also doesn’t help that whatever communication we got from y’all was in any other place but here.


Actually, I do remember one example where an instance of communication did somewhat mollify some negative sentiment, and it was when it was communicated to us that Fatshark did go through a few iterations of the “collect 3 blessings to create a high tier” version of the blessing crafting system and because they couldn’t tune it to be fun they changed course to the unlock system.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages (combining blessings used them like consumables and was still RNG but did allow a small amount of explicit progression, whereas the current system only requires you to be lucky once rather than potentially multiple times), but the change had a general sentiment of “eh”, rather than riots in the streets, partly because it was communicated out that, at face value, Fatshark couldn’t make it work. But mainly because the locks were still around took all the attention.

This one:

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Totally an aside, but the Combine Blessings & “Votive Offerings” functionality required rolling/getting multiple lower-tier blessings on a weapon to then extract/combine them for the next level up. I hadn’t thought of it much before re-reading it just now, but the “Offerings” were going to be single-use things. That means you’d need to consume a T4 blessing from one weapon to move it the next if you only had the one Offering. If that’s correct, boy would that have been a straight downgrade from the blessings system we have now.

They could have alleviated so much grind and RNG hassle by simply adjusting their initial idea:

  • collect 3 blessings of the same type and tier to unlock the next higher tier
  • collect 4 blessings of the same tier to unlock a random blessing of the same tier
  • sacrifice a weapon of the same type and at least the same power level to unlock 1 lock of choice.

These two would have allowed so many people to skip hours of grind and RNG to work towards the blessings they’re looking for. Especially for outliers like Surge, Power Cycler, etc.


Yes, I think it was the consumable part that dragged it down pretty significantly.

They could have, but they didn’t.


Man. I’m so tired of getting called “Reject” LMAO.

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Depends fully on wether they still would’ve counted blessings towards the locks with that system. If we could’ve had 2 perks of choice + grinded out two blessings then I’ll take any grind over failable RNG and a bricked weapon

hey it worked for notch and he’s got a bit more money than most of us at this point

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You take that back, you snivelling weasel creature. I am an upstanding citizen, I have done no such thing and would never!

The pitfall of not owning your own IP, I guess.

Interesting, I had no idea that was going on. In a world of PewDiePies, Pyrocynicals and others, there is really no need to stoop to corporate no-name scammers. I don’t really get it.

When it comes to promotion, quality over quantity is better. One video with a guy averaging millions of views is enough to catapult niche games into the spotlight, even if only temporarily.

Reject. :slight_smile:

Hosting a QA can be a multi-platform thing really. No need to go 4chan / Reddit only. Since you respond to posts, you can just do it asynchrone, no need to go all in on one thing.

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Hey are you doing bro. I don’t think I’ve seen much of you these days. Then again I’ve taken month long breaks from this forum.


Thanks. Busy coping with the real world. It hits harder than Nurgle’s bad breath at times. Hope you do well, too.


Hmm. I can relate.


Well, you definitely don’t know that guy:

Twinbeard has a CEO that actively encourages communication and even communicates himself; that’s not the case with most studios. It’s still a newfangled idea in the industry.

I’ve communicated bad news during negative sentiment. It really didn’t help as much as you think it would. :slight_smile: There’s a time and place for news and Twinbeard is quite good at gauging it.

Each CM and studio has a strategy that works for them. You can judge it and critique it, but in the end, only the people in the studio know what strategy works best for them.

Communication is great, yeah, but it doesn’t push out content any more or less fast.


about communication let me tell this, a friend of mine rage quit the game because of the bulwark hitbox. if there were any communication then that it was planned to be changed/fixed in very near future, we would still be playing Darktide together .


Yeah idk It dosent need to be something important all the time.
Like posting a snippet of the handle/hilt of a weponmodel can be enough.

Just “hi guys and gals this is a lil sneekpeek on what we doing” can go a long way.
Now it’s just months of silence and no check in how the work is going no tidbits of stuff to be exicted about