Friendly Fire, working as intended?

Fair but for any other case I just take to self preservation atm, if they’re gonna play terminator and force everyone around them then I’ll leave them to it even if they get their arse kicked. That’s the best instant feedback they can get, too. This is also one of the reasons why people requested beamstaff be toned down slightly before, so there’s some downtime for less experienced players and that hopefully it’s users will be more group oriented players. Luckily that has reduced some abuse cases.

It wouldn’t be a problem if not for 4 games in a row where i play merc kruber on legend and all the time i spend in hordes is sitting on the sidelines just so the precious sienna and kerrilian can shoot down the hallway. I know about positioning but a person can get bored of not getting to smack a rat.

@Guziol And when you do have something to fight you’re left to deal with soloing an entire horde in a cramped space with nobody sniping the elites/specials or watching your back. All while you haven’t had the chance to warm up all game because legolas has a happy triggerfinger and all the ammo in the world with no clear incentive to go melee in between. Nowadays it’s considered “someone’s job to be bosskiller/melee/ranged” when everyone kind of has to adapt accordingly and do it all together, swapping tactics on the fly. At least… On legend, in an ideal world. But I guess I’m used to the smaller more self disciplining playerbase of vt1 myself…

Many times I’ve seen the ranged players scamper off and huddle away at first sign of trouble, just the other day I had an entire team abandon our kruber and leave him for dead when he wasn’t even that far off and a single spell from sienna could’ve freed him up. Was sadly playing dd shade myself and could only do so much to help.

If the Bh hadn’t moaned that "I should only use dd because boss killing is my “job” and all shade is good for, I could’ve helped him easy with spear. So I just do my own thing too now…

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I’ve noticed whenever someone tries to tell me what weapons I should be using it’s generally a red flag that they’re not going to be good/fun to play with. If after a game or two I was doing terrible with a certain weapon and they mentioned it in a constructive way that would be one thing, but when someone just joined the lobby and immediately starts lecturing on how I SHOULD be gearing up… nope.jpg


The only change I would be in favor of is if FF actually hurt the shooter instead of the victim. Maybe half to both? Otherwise, it seems fine as is.

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