Friendly Collission

I dont know how you people see that, but i guess depende on your grafic setup you dont always see your companions firing. Or you just dont see it because of the tension in fihts.

But, i find a lot of times people passing through friends when they are firing and then they get fired to with friendly.

Maybe doing boxes of companions bigger so you cant pass trhough directly but you have to turn around.

I dont know. The problem i see too often is people passing through others when they are firing. And when you are scoping, aiming, ussually you hit yoiur friends cause they are in front of you but you dont see it at all.

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this is part of awareness. shooting from an angle that won’t hit your teammates is part of the friendly fire game to learn imo

Or dancing with beam staffs beam around friends to hit enemies front of them.

Its what we all do obviusly. Im talking about when someone pass through you and aiming you dont see him but you hit him.

I agree that the soft collisions often feel TOO soft.

It happens just as stated. Someone is aiming and then his friend just goes through his body and takes away that arrow inside his stomach.

Awareness is also a problem and even when I tell someone that I’m going to shoot from his left/right it seems that sometimes things just get mixed up (no faulting intended).
Only weapon people seem to respect is the Blunderbuss. Very few seem to be willing to risk it.

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