Fort Brachsenbrücke - Endless Level Idea

I know the endless levels in VT1 were not universally liked, but i still liked the idea of a constantly increasing insurmountable challenge. And I really miss it in VT2. So I’d like to propose the following idea:

Instead of just having hordes mindlessly thrown at you, you have to complete certain objectives, while defending the castle, like preventing the enemy from using a battering ram to breach the gates, or shooting down enemy catapults, or even running over to the catapults and sabotaging them. And when the enemy breaches the outer wall you could fall back to the second line of defense. This would be a far more immersive and intense than the old endless levels.

And please for the love of Sigmar add empire soldiers manning the defenses. I mean you have the models, why don’t you use them?

That sounds awesome, hope we’ll have something like that

Truthfully, the main thing I liked about the endless levels in V1 was that they were a change of pace. Sometimes my friends and I didn’t want to worry about map objectives or item management for a pre-scripted spawn, we just wanted to kill a lot of crap as long as we could because this game makes that extremely cathartic. I could live without endless mode, the missions are the core game for me. But I’d like the game as a product more if we had a basic endless holdout mode for the times I don’t care about xp efficiency or crate optimization and just want to kill some crap.


What intrigues me most about an endless level is the concept of holding out as long as possible in a no win scenario.
If they bring out an endless-DLC they could have one mission like in VT1, and one like I described, then everybody would be happy

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