Force Sword in shop

After the release I haven’t gotten a single Force Sword in the shop. Even on the pre-launch beta it was incredibly rare. Does anyone else experience it as extremely rare in the shop? I can get it with random loot from Sire Melk’s Shop and in his daily roll tho.

Also, I have never gotten a staff as a mission reward and I think I’ve only gotten one force sword at lvl 5-10 (which is some time ago now). The trait with 15% chance of curio instead of weapon as mission reward also seems really weird since I’ve gotten two gold curios (one with extra experience gain; perfect for my lvl 30 xD ) without such a curio equipped on my character.

With this post I mainly want to see if other people experience the same rarity for Force Swords showing up in shop. Secondly, I am also wondering if someone has the same sort of experiences as me concerning mission rewards.


Yes and it’s infuriating as **** i just want one. Stop giving me axes of all types and the auto pistol every 59 mins.

Also when you finally do get 1 it has crap stats. I just want my recon lasguns, force sword, surge staff to show up FFS.

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Ah, I remember early beta shop with 5 autopistols in row. I think it is better now. It is just random. Surge staves is rare too. It could be a good idea to increase psyker stuff drop probability, though I would have not put my hope into that.

Surge staffs are not that rare for me. I have a decent droprate of all staffs really. But I was not exaggerating in my original post. Approx. how regular is your force sword drops in the shop? For myself, it’s 0% after the release and in the pre-launch it was about 1 in 10 shop rolls.

Have not been able to play since the game release. There was at least 3 force swords in shop during beta.

And you played to lvl 30 in beta? If so, then three swords sounds about the same as my experience. Weird thing is, it seemed to drop way more regular while I was leveling (after I unlocked it ofc), but then the drops stagnated after I hit 30.

Rng shop is not a bad idea in and of itself, but it is a shitty one if it is the only way of getting the stuff you want to play with.


No, you wanting it makes it not appear.

Don’t know what are you talking about.

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I believe he talks about exactly that, the RNG…

It’s RNG.
Unless they introduced some sort of “memory” in the randomizer, probability resets each hour.
I got a purple Voidstrike staff from the Emperor just yesterday, but I still see no Force Sword except perhaps some whites in the shop.

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happened before and after store refresh just now

Before Refresh:

After Refresh:

Wow look at all those force swords I just heckin love RNG :man_facepalming: Is the store different for each psyker because this is mine and its horrible.


So I took screenshots every hour for six hours. I got no force swords.

List of melee weapons I got in the shop:

  • Rashad II
  • Atrox II
  • Atrox IV
  • Antax V
  • Atrox VII
  • Achlys VIII
  • Cat I
  • Cat III
  • Cat IV
  • Cat VII
  • Mac II
  • Mac V
  • Cad IV


  • Mac IV
  • Force Sword

Psyker weapons: [Darktide Weapons List - All Weapons in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide - Darktide WH40k - Games Lantern]

Considering Psyker has 15 different melee weapons they can use and the drop chance is equal for every weapon, we get 100 / 15 = 6,66%. Let’s round it up to 6,7%.
In those six hours I got 31 different melee weapons.

Chance of getting a single force sword:
1 - (1 - 0,067)^31 = 0,8835 = 88%

Chance of not getting a single force sword is obviously 12%, but…:
(1 - 0,067)^31 = 0,1165 = 12%

While I am writing this I got a new shop roll and no force sword drop. Also consider that I haven’t gotten a force sword in ages, so the probability over a longer period of not getting a force sword is even lower. I could EASILY say I have checked the shop twelve more times than these six, and the average melee weapon drop in these six hours is five per shop roll. That gives 5(6 +12) = 90 melee weapons.

Chance of not getting a single force sword over a longer imagined, but experienced, period:
(1 - 0,067)^90 = 0,00194 = EDIT 0,19%. (I first wrote 1,9%)

To conclude:
Either I am extremely unlucky, the drop percentage of melee weapons is not equal to each other - the force sword might have a lower chance than the others for example - or there is something bugged with my shop, character or account.


This is the problem with the rng. It absolutely can crush a players experience. Friend didnt see a single bolter until lvl 29 vet in the beta.

Obviously its not a real test until you check the shop across a 24hour period! /s

Well, that is somewhat debatable. Nevertheless, I’ll see how long I can keep it going today. Stopped taking screenshots tho, so here on out it’s my word.

Consecutively from my screenshot(s), there’s two more shop rolls without force sword. Five melee weapons per shop average still seems to hold up.


I was joking brother, please dont use any more of your time. Its clearly busted!

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Now that you mention it I haven’t seen a force sword in my shop for quite some time.

Aahh hahaha, you got me xD

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They could just limit the permutations as a starting point.


Do you currently wield a force sword ? I seem to get the weapons I have equipped way less often than others.
Disclaimer : out-of-my-hat, feeling-based, and probably biased “statistics”.