Nomanus Mk VI Surge Force Staff


Checking every hours for a passable Nomanus Mk VI Surge Force Staff, but this staff is very very rare on shop.

Has anybody similar issue?

I’m lvl and want to upgrade very soon but need a good staff :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


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Oddly enough I have a plethora of surge staves purgatus was the one that took me forever to find. It really is pure rng at this point.

It’s funny that staves, swords, etc. that I need, I see them as rarely as possible. But all sorts of rifles for a psyker, at least make your own weapons shop. And this applies to all classes, it’s rather strange that the weapons you use the most often fall out less often (But I haven’t tested this theory, hmmm, it’s worth a try)

Saw this post and made an account to share my rng woes. All i get in the store is guns and i have yet to see a purgatus or void strike staff. Only surge staff i got was from a mission reward.

Every Emperor’s gift is a rifle I’ll never use. I have dozens of purple and orange rifles that I’m never going to even put in my hands. Since around lvl 15-16ish I’d guess, when I first got a Voidstrike Staff. Since then haven’t fired a single rifle or pistol.


The very idea of a psyker using a gun over any of the staffs makes me cringe. I almost feel like they shouldn’t even have the option to use them.

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I can understand the rifles and pistols as you’re leveling. But once you get a decent staff what’s the point. Now if some of the rifles has perks that helped reduce Peril, or increased BB dmg, or heck if those rifle rounds counted as an attack that would proc my lvl 25 feat that randomly pops heads from time to time, that would be useful.

Once I got my purgatus staff and started using the soulblaze build I can’t go back to using anything else in the game ever again. Yea if they had peril reduction you for sure would be more incentivized to use them.

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yep both surge and purgatus are very rare even for around 350 base rating.

They do randomly proc brainbursts, its actually any source of damage. Even another brain burst or warp peril explosion can, its just a waste to gun psyker.

Oh really??? Hmmmmm…I’m looking at you Quickdraw Revolver. May need to give that a try for the hell of it. lol

Every day, Sire Melk shows me nothing but axes, knives, and guns. I hate Sire Melk.