Will Psyker get a new class weapon too?

will Psyker get a new staff or force sword? loving all the new content but Psyker feels a bit… ignored lately? like a son you never wanted. after all the nerfs and the bug fixes i kinda feel he doesn’t have any good staff and the only 2 builds really viable in Auric Damnation are the Smite build with a revolver mk2a and the Gunpsyker with the column mk5 and scrier’s gaze. He feels like he is slowly losing his identity.

Maybe it’s me, i admit that i don’t really like to play any gun on my Psyker, since i want to use the Warp but using staves feels… demoralizing.

Even more now that the new weapons like the new Revolver and the new shovel are so good and synergetic with the Veteran kit and the Ogryn.

Voidstrike is still insanely good, and all the other staves are viable on the hardest difficulties.


Imo new shovels are overpowered and need to be reigned in.

Viable and fun are two very different metrics. Psyker needs new staves, and existing ones need to be more exciting and have far more interesting blessings.

Voidstrike is… good for a Psyker weapon, in isolation. It’s very mediocre in the grander scheme of the other classes.


All the staffs are pretty viable currently, but I do really hope we get more soon!

I’m of the opinion that psyker feels a little weird in a game with so many shared weapons. Each staff being unique to one class means you have the same (likely more) development time for less players, which can explain why we only have 4 and haven’t received any since.

I’d love for this trend to change, but I imagine psyker will always feel a little less supported on the weapon end of things.

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I mean maybe after the update with all the overtuned weapons yeah, but it is not “mediocre,” in the slightest and it’s insane to call it that.

It does average things. It’s not like suddenly things are much easier if there is a voidstrike Psyker on the team. Even less so if there’s two of them.

Ah yes… the ‘useless’ Psyker weapons.
As a premiere advocate of gunpsyker I present to you: post nerf surge staff just 30 minutes ago.

In all honesty most Psyker weapons are absolutely auric damnation viable with the right build. I just want new stuff.

It’s more or less the same with void honestly. You just need to build Psyker weapons correctly if you want to dominate.


Agreed. I also wish they’d do more. Left click and the special ability should be unique per staff. I personally don’t find right click > left click spam to stay engaging for very long.

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I don’t understand why they’re not doing the same thing they did for sienna’s staves in Vermintide 2.
Each staff had useful or at least interesting left click attacks.

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this doesn’t really look like a “meh”

Voidstrike is probably the best staff, but it’s not insanely good. and now more than ever we can say that since it can’t synergize anymore with the Smite build since Fatshark fixed the headshot bug that stacked “True Aim” and allowed you to abuse the “Surge Blessing”.

Still a good weapon for Psyker, but honestly there is better, all the other classes have far better options.

The other staves meanwhile…
Trauma is a joke.
Surge Staff is in a weird spot so it’s “fine” maybe in need of a slightly buff.
Purgatus does its job and what is intended for it so it’s fine.

Everything is viable in every difficulty if you are good enough, i play all the staves equally but with time passing i am simply noticing that my equipment is not as good as the one other classes have access (i play a lot of Zealot too, not much veteran and ogryn tho) and i ended switching my staves with a MK2a revolver just because… it just works better most of the time and in most situations.

but as i said, that of course probably is just my opinion.

This just isn’t true. I don’t know. Do you want it back to what it was before patch 14? Because that was silly. It’s in a good place and rewards headshots.

Excellent CC if mediocre damage. I would like to see damage increased but it is still useful.

Problem is accuracy while moving. You take one step and your bullets fly directly up in the air.

yeah i see many times people posting their leaderboards, but they really don’t provide anything useful to the discussion. i’m often top dmg, and other times other people will do better. you are just proving that you are good at the game and at your class. that’s it really. you are not stat checking anything with the surge staff. Probably in this game you just had a really good positioning and decision making.

Also i really don’t believe that big dmg numbers in leaderboards means anything. if you only damage hoardes of minions and you clean pretty often the rooms ofc you are going to get top dmg. (as a Psyker that’s even easier since you mostly have AoEs and “infinite ammo” if you have a good peril management)

I would say the the problem is that Psyker does really well in his niche but his niche gets less special as other classes get more options and tools to essentially do the same thing

this is a really good point

The scoreboard is the only current indicator of a weapons performance. Psykanium testing is in no relation to the sht going down in a real run. It’s only useful for checking breakpoints.

That said have you ever considered that me not just getting top damage but also way more special, disabler and elite kills isn’t simply ‘player skill’ or ’ positioning’ but the weapon itself?
My ability as a player isn’t worth anything when the weapon isn’t performing. And right now all Psyker weapons perform pretty well.

The only argument you could make is that a few of them have a higher skill ceiling when it comes to making use of their potential. Which I would agree with.


i think we can agree to disagree then, honestly for fun usually i go with white gear in damnations (not auric because i don’t want to risk to ruin the game for someone) and still happens that i get top dmg, top elites etc etc…

Cept all your damage is from soulfire or other effects, not the surge. Don’t misrepresent the effectiveness of the surge in isolation. Unless you cleared those 585 lesser enemies with the surge… :stuck_out_tongue:

Gun psyker outclasses a surge user anyday imo. If that really was all just the surge, i feel like your team mates were really underperforming… Or you’re just super amazing and you’d do better with a gun anyways.

I agree with you all psyker staves are auric viable. But right now there are actually very few weapons that aren’t auric viable, and thats usually a matter of opinion only. I still think the surge should be better though. I’d give up the CC on it for some chunky damage. I too would like some new staves.

Psyker needs a new staff. He has the same 4 staffs since Beta and that was over a year ago. Hopefully in the next major patch all classes will get at least 1 NEW weapon and not more variants.

Summon staff when? :star_struck:

Implosion or throw enemies around staff please. Lean into that telekine power fantasy more.