No Force Sword in the shop for 2 full days

Title, really - for 2 whole days (well, basically “whole” at least, I’m on sick leave from work due to a busted knee which provides plent of time to purge some heretics) I’ve been entirely unable to get a new Force Sword since it just doesn’t show up in the store, instead there’s a ton of axes and such, which welp, atleast for me and I would assume alot of other Psykers, is basically irrelevant unless you end up in a situation where you’re forced (hah, see what I did there?) to use those weapons since your highest rank force sword sits on something like 130 while the axes and swords etc in the store sits on 290+ and you cant really justify not using that over the weapon that is specifically designed for the class.

I get that rng is rng, but it’s getting kinda stupid at this point.

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The weapon RNG is unacceptable and obnoxious. I want to try the Voidstrike Staff; shows up at Level 21 lock when my Psyker is Level 20. Oh no, I have 20 minutes to level up. Yeah, not going to happen. Shop refresh and nothing interesting.

They love this skinnerbox BS.

It’s stupid.

You can still buy it… just wont be able to equip it til you level up