Flashlight Mechanic

Looks like we get a Flashlight Mechanic.
No Infinite Flashlight for us. Either we can have it only on for a limited time and need to let it refill, or it can be disrupted by Chaos Magic somehow. Thi is not something new. If you Read the first Blood Angels Book, in 30k when they go out looking for some Peopz, the get ambushed and their Sensor wont work as they should!


I like Deep Rock Galactic where you have a bit of ambient light via flashlight but then a number of flares you can toss out which recharge to extend your light.

Something like that would be fine - absolute darkness I don’t enjoy much if it isn’t utilized well and VT2 doesn’t do that imo.

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I hope there will not be flashlight mechanic. And only few dark maps , like Blightreaper and Hunger in the dark. It is interesting first few times, but becoming annoying on n-th walkthrough.


nah i dont think so.
In Deathwiong you have Flashlight and you certainly need it for the most part and its not just a stupid gimmick. Which is awesome.
On the other hand you can play the Game without and enjoy it as much if not even more.

Having the Flashlight off makes you watch the Levels a bit differently, but the best thing is, when Nids attack, you can see the glowing in there Eyes when they rush for you. Always like a dozen ones, which is super Epic!

Darktide i reckon is more like a “Aliens Colonial Marines” Feel. Where you are never safe, its Claustrophobic and “DARK” which gives a level of Immersoin if done right. It builds Tension and makes you HIgh Alert which is Good and should definetly be. You are a IMP not a Astartes, you should feel Vulnerable to an Extent!

So Flsdhlight Mechanic will be really Good in that Regard.

PS: You can always set your Brightness higher, so u dont need it, but whats the point then.

Flashlight in Deathwing have its uses, but it is not strict necessity, that what I afraid of.

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I’m pretty sure the Maps will be much Darker, since its inside a Hive on the Lower Levels for the most part. There is definetly some Artificial Light, but not everywhere. Chaos dont need all the Light, they love tzhe Darkness i reckon. Its like in other Games, you have your Way you need to go and there is always Light to a certain degree. But some sections should be nearly Pitch Dark, which emphasizes Flashlight, andfd others are just very Dark, where you can Play without, bt its recommended to play with Flashlight, i hope so!

I hope its more necessary than in Deathwing, because it would make sense and gives you the Creep of some sort.

Like i said, you can always set the Brightness to higher settings if you dont feel comfortable!

In V2 the Maps are Outside for the most part, so you cant really compre it too, other than sopme Gameplay Design choices maybe

I hope it won’t be to flashlight dependent. But we’ll have to see what they come up with and how its implemented.

I think people are just hoping for non-blightreaper levels of darkness. Vague outlines of surroundings at the minimum as opposed to perfect darkness when not using the light mechanic, which I think is a reasonable ask.

Is this speculation based off of trailer or was it said somewhere?
I would honestly not assume much about game mechanics from a cinematic trailer.

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Yes! Twin linked lasguns!

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