Fire bombs, extremly weak

Am I the only one who thinks that the firebomb only creates chaos more than it helps?

Ok, so I have no issues with the damage it deals, or rather the non-damage it deals. The problem is that as soon as it hits the ground, all enemies scatter and finds new routes to try to avoid the fire. The issue is that they do it too quickly. On legend, we never pick up firebombs because they cause more problems than they help.

It would be better if the enemies at least stayed in the fire a bit longer, or that the bombs dealt more damage.

I don’t know what to do, but they need to do something with it because they are pretty much useless at this moment.


Frankly i think they are in a OK spot. the propose of the fire bomb isnt really damage in my mind. its a tool to control the mobs. i mostly use it for when we are caught in a bad spot and need to either funnel a horde into a choke so we can start meat grinding them. or covering a retreat to a better location so we can keep a safe distance.

I do agree they spread out a bit quicker than i expected but i think thats a good thing. its warhammer. If all the mobs were suicidal morons the game wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

At the end of the day its a tool. if you use it properly it can be a lifesaver. Otherwise you are Literally playing with fire and can just as easily get burned haha.

Problem is that you can’t control how the mobs run, throwing a firebomb 9/10 makes a bad situation worse.

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Killing a group with the normal bomb is also a form of crowd control and it even works on armor as opposed to the Incidiay bomb that can’t even kill a malnourished and naked ratman.

I don’t even think the fire on the ground does damage. I think it’s supposed to be akin to the lamp oil DoT but as of now it does absolutely nothing. If they fixed the damage and made enemies path through it then they would be useful.

Agreed, I think it’s an interesting idea to be able to lead enemies with fire so that you get them where yo want them, but now the only thing that happens (90% of the time) is that they scatter all over the map, left and right of where they would have run. The initial explosion can kill slave rats but the fire on the ground seems to do absolutly nothing, more than create chaos, and we don’t want chaos now do we?

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it does