Bomb Question

Has anything changed with bombs in terms of team damage aka friendly fire? Over the weekend I had a guy tell me that standing in the fire of a fire bomb he just threw would not hurt me. What about the explosion itself? Does this apply to the round bomb also?

I assume friend fire with bombs is still a thing right? Probably a stupid question I know.

Friendly fire champ: 10% legend 25%
Firebomb has really low dmg (unlike oil barrel just in case you meant that).
Black powder bomb has some serious dmg and will deal quite the ff.

The fire of a firebomb does not hurt, that’s true (although i believe it also doesn’t hurt enemies, so you know).
The explosion of bombs hurts like always.

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Like with any explosion don’t look at the enemies but imagine the radius and try to expose enemies to it while avoiding allies. More often than not it’ll be more worth it to hit the ground near enemies than to hit the heads of enemies - the further they are the more appealing hitting their heads will be. The detonation area will determine how the radius spreads and this is also how you’ll more easily avoid FF with sienna’s staves/elf hagbane.

Maybe this post was slightly off-topic but hopefully still informative c:

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