Incendiary Bombs

I really feel like Incendiary bombs are under whelming. Especially against armored patrols, I just feel like I’m throwing a confetti popper.


They’re horde shredders though and Incendiary + shrapnel makes a big difference against a clump of heavies. Blackfire is objectively superior due to the stun + spike dmg but incendiary has its uses.

It might be too much to ask, but the impact of the bomb is the real problem I have, I’d still like to see an increased stagger from the initial blast. I was just doing some research and also the AOE field doesn’t do dmg, which is something I have noticed. Apparently it has been acknowledged by the devs.

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The aoe field not doing damage is a big issue. Other than that though they’re basically twice the effective area at the cost of only staggering non specials/elites. The DoT (when working) makes them very useful in some situations though and it’s capable of pumping out more damage in certain situations. Right now it’s kinda just an “ohshit” button if u need a lil short-term breathing room during a horde.

Which are, pretty much, only teamplays with voicechat, otherwise its a nuisance.
A horde you could conveniently funnel into a slaughterstreet splits up to go around the flames and suddenly things get nastier pretty fast, especially since they always seem to find a way around it, even in a god damn corridor.

Not to mention a missplaced incen is nearly as bad as a globadier bomb for you.

The incendiary bomb is basically for decoration, it is barely worth picking up.
Othertimes I leave it on the ground like the trash it is.

Only play Legend. Prefer them over normal ones. Fight me.


The usefull thing about them is that you can block the innitial horde charge which is quite usefull. Not to mention you can direct the AI to another way.

New bomb types could be introduced especially for patrols (maybe nail bomb?) because I like to save frag nade for the boss not patrols.

given that boss’s now have assured hoard spawns, I like to save the bombs for the following hoard to make space for the boss.

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It’s interesting, incendiaries barely kill anything, regular ones are pretty solid.
Explosive barrels barely kill anything, incendiary ones are extremely strong.

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fire on the ground in general needs a massive damage buff as it even takes forever to kill infantry with floor fire

For real, those incendiary barrels are AMAZING

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The main benefit for incendiary bombs at present, from my perspective, is for exerting battlefield control by causing the enemies to path around the area of the flames.

There are some exceedingly useful tricks you can do with this. For example, at the end of Into the Dark you can completely avoid the finale Bile Troll by throwing an incendiary in front of him, he will then go jump off the right side of the arena to path all the way around to the party. This gives you enough time to walk up to the finale door, watch the other trolls explode, and then exit the arena without having to engage the boss.

Since it does almost no damage to the party, it’s a great thing to throw at an ally who’s downed as the enemies will try to exit the fire.

If you throw it at the midpoint of an oncoming horde, you can split the horde in half as the back half try to path around the fire. If the pathing requires them to climb up and climb back down, or jump across gaps, this can really delay the arrival of the second half of the horde.


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