Trinket Traits - Analyzes

The first thing I would like to say is that I’m Brazilian and, therefore, english isn’t my main language, I hope you understand this topic. Another important thing is that this topic is GIGANTIC because I will analyze the Trinket Traits one by one relating them to the Explosive Bomb and Incendiary Bomb both at Champion and Legend difficulties.

Explosive Bomb:
When lit and thrown it explodes in a haze of smoke, dealing armor-piercing damage and staggering enemies. Best used against bosses or armored groups.

Incendiary Bomb:
When lit and thrown it explodes and creates a large area of flames dealing damage over time. Best used to deal with large and non-armored groups.

I’ll start talking about Explosive Ordnance, Increases grenade explosion radius by 50.0%. relating it to Explosive Bomb. Sounds good, it raises the range, but how good would it be? Helps eliminate an Armored Patrol almost 100%, it doesn’t make much difference against weaklings neither Chaos Warriors, Bosses and Lords. I don’t see a reason to use that one unless you’re really afraid of Patrols.

Using that Trait with Incendiary Bombs could be interesting, did you ever asked if this Train increases the burning ground range? Because I don’t know the answer, but if yes, this could be aswesome against hordes, if… Not. You see, this fire ground doesn’t deal damage enought to kill enemies, you can stagg them but you don’t kill. Seeing the perspective of what being strong means you will understand why this is make no difference.

In some games, being strong doesn’t mean more damage, being strong means less hits. I will give you an exemple of an enemy with 100 Heal Points, right? If you can hit him with 1 damage per hit, you need to hit him 100 times to kill this hypothetical enemy. If you hit him with 2 damage per hit you reduce your work by half.

You see… The secret is in the percentage of damage, the more damage you deal, the fewer hits you need, however, increases the damage between one hit and the other. Let me explain… Let’s say you cause 34 damage per hit, because of that you need to hit the enemy 3 times, BUT… If you increase your damage to 49 you will also need to hit the hypothetical enemy 3 times. When you reach between 50 and 99 damage you will have to hit twice. That means deal 50 damage and deal 99 damage it’s the same.

Let’s get back to our situation… When you throw an Incidiary Bomb and burns the ground, enemies will step on and receive hit, a hit not enought to kill them, since we are talking about weaklings, those enemies will burn and come at us roasted, but alive, we will have to hit them once with Melee or Projectile anyways.

This means having higher AoE with Incendiary Bomb doesn’t make difference, a weakling enemy dies with one hit by our Melee at full health. Concluding… Explosive ordnance doesn’t seems to be a good Trait to have.

Now I will hop to Grenadier, 25.0% chance to not consume grenade on use., it’s good, it’s the one I use, but doesn’t mean it’s the best. I really like this one because I have the chance to stagg Bosses and Lords more time, (If you wondering what “Lords” means, they are those “Final Boss” that we have to fight to win the map without using glitch, bug or exploit). It’s even good with Indenciary Bomb because we can cover more fire around us when weakling come to us, holding them up a little longer. I don’t have much to talk about this one, I’m fine with it.

Here… The one I want to talk about, really talk about… Shrapnel,Grenades cause hit enemies to take 20.0% increased damage for 10.0 seconds., by far I think this one is the best one, use that with Explsive Bomb and you can make a Chaos Warrior Patrol become nothing very fast, but that’s not what I’m looking for… I’m looking for an answer, an answer to this question:
Does the fire… on the ground… caused by Incendiary Bomb… can PROC this Trait? If “yes” that means this Trait with Incendiary Bomb it’s the BEST Trait of all.

Think about that for a second… You can hit a Chaos Warrior Patrol, or a Boss, or a Lord with that Bomb and they will take 20.0% more damage while they are burning, while the ground are burning… This means if you miss and an enemy step on the burning ground almost before it ends, this enemy will take those 20.0% for 10.0 seconds. Almost 10.0 seconds right after the effect of the burning ground ends. This is terrifying for them because you will deal 20.0% extra damage since you hit the enemy with the Incendiary Bomb and 10 seconds AFTER the flames went out.

Good topic. I love the +20% damage trait myself. I am unsure if the fire bomb triggers it, though. What’s more; right now the fires on fire bombs seemed to be bugged and don’t cause damage to enemies - only the initial explosion does! Enemies will still seek to avoid the fire patch if they can, so it is good for funneling.

The fire that spawns from the firebomb is a seperate entity. I am quite certain it does not proc any bomb related traits, only the initial explosion does.

You forgot something. Ennemy AI tend to move them around the fire area and not cross it (which seems fair).

So first, if the fire pattern is larger with the trait, then I guess it’s decent for tank as you force the horde to move a longer path to reach you, therefore spreading them more, but it’s really niche picky. And this trait is quite bad anyway cause you have more chance to deal friendly fire.
Second, if you miss your fire bomb, the patrol/chaos warrior won’t go accross to fire, so wether it procs or not, they won’t rush through the fire if you missed them

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