Trollpedo triggers Shrapnel Trait

The title says it all. The Trollhammer Torpedo triggers Shrapnel for some reason. As much as I can tell it doesnt trigger Explosive Ordinance or any other Trinket Trait, but its somewhat harder to test.

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And why wouldn’t it? :smiley:
Nice, I think this is the best bug I’ve ever seen

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It triggers all trinket traits. It can dupe with Grenadier (you’ll still have to reload, but the shot is refunded). For explosive ordinance it instead halves damage falloff with distance from the centre of the explosion.

I presume trinket traits all work since the projectile is akin to a bomb. The way explosive ordinance works in particular suggests these interactions are intentional.

And yeah agreed with @WhereIsBaoDur, it’s a really cool and unique synergy and I hope it stays.


afaik it’s intended

Oh wow! I didn’t know that. I mostly run explosive ordinance, so I hope it stays, as I bring that baby mostly to help with patrols (a tough time otherwise as engi). Its working is so unique to the weapon that is probably intended

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