Fire bombs are "area denial" now? wut

@Fatshark_Hedge went on to elaborate that the tooltip was in error but that they do plan on adding some degree of damage. Slightly harder to balance than VT1 since in VT1 the mobs just blindly charge through it or sit in it.


Sorry, it just sounds so bullcrap, in fact not only Firebomb’s ground effect doing nothing, it almost ANY GROUND effect including Roger Flamer’s green flames ground effect do 0 damage. There are only oil barrel and Fire Rat’s green puddle that actually do some damage which is just sad.


ok cool

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How is there a @rat in here!

Kill it! Kill it with fire!

Oh… errr…

Redirect it with fire! Make it walk a bit further with fire!


The initial impact does still kill trash very effectively right now. It’s especially good for melee characters to carry to give themselves free, safe healing.

In VT1 they would also path around it though

Did they? Weird. I thought they didn’t.

Well it still annoys a Spawn enough to make him drop his food.

You still get the damage buff from the trait as well with them. It’s good for making bosses run away. The troll at the end of the mine map, he has to walk across the bridge. If you time it right, he’ll get all the way to the end of the bridge, then you toss the fire bomb and he will walk all the way back to his spawn and try to jump down to come around. After the fire goes out, he’ll try and walk back across the bridge. This allows your Ranged DPS to burn him down before he ever gets into melee range.

:clap::clap::clap: Lets put the same item from the first game into the second game, but change it in a big, not directly apparent way that could just be a major bug (which i believe everyone assumed, since flames on the ground are supposed to be hot enough to actually hurt and eventually kill you when standing in them, especially if you have a thick fur coat implanted on your skin), without telling anyone. Proceed to watch people complain about it for multiple months, then tell them “well ACCCKTUALLY”.

Meanwhile, flames from a lamp oil barrel grill entire stormvermin patrols in a manner of seconds and they dont even bloody care.

Thats just sad.

And this is actually the best case scenario. If this “bug? Nah, feature xD” conspiracy is true, then im beyond disappointment.


One of the reasons I don’t buy those explanations anymore. I think we will see more of this coming, declaring things that didn’t turn out as they should have been from a bug to a feature.


This is obviously a bug or change in behavior that was unintended that is just going to be how it works now. Worthless for everything but chaos spawn staggering.

This. Remember when they changed the explosive barrels to behave more like the explosive bombs? But the lamp oil and the fire bomb, oh, THEIR different behaviour is, like, TOTALLY intended because… you know, one is dangerous, weapon-grade lamp oil which has only ONE intended use, which is killing everything within seconds - the other is just a silly old bomb you use to keep those pesky kids out of your yard. Only a fool would think that a fire bomb would actually set things on fire!

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To add insult to injury, the way the game is currently played, most of the time you actually dont want to use a fire bomb for area denial. Reason is simple:

During a horde, you just move to a good spot where enemies come from 2-3 directions, stacked on top of one another, a.k.a. choke points. If you use a fire bomb, that one direction the enemy attacks from can become two or three, because they split up trying to avoid the flames, climb over terrain, making it harder to control them. They might even end up behind you. Just a few rats or fanatics, but they still hurt and can cause a wipe if they block your path without you noticing.

So yeah. Area denial in current V2 “meta” serves no purpose outside of extremely niche spots and situations.

Mmm, fire bombs were amazing for hordes in VT1, while frags were the go to for bosses. I felt this was a pretty good balance between the two, and I’d like to see VT2 return to that.

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