Few questions.

Hello to everyone. I play on PS4 and I have few question after 100h of gameplay.

  1. How does the number of players effect on strength and number of enemies?
    I can pass the level on the legend in solo (with bots). But when I play with my friends it’s much more harder.
    All characters have 600 hero power. For example, we tried to get the achievement “monkey powder” and could not pass half of level. But yesterday I received this achievement in solo (Mercenary 600) and my friend got it too in solo (Shade 600). Really affect the number of players on enemies or it seems to me?
  2. Why legend harder on PS4 than on PC. Is it mods?
    Sometimes the game on legend seems too unfair. There are a lot of enemies in the hordes and several special units can appear at once. 2 or 3 blightstormers/lifeleeches at once
    or 4 one by one… Really? I watched the video as the players pass the legend on the PC and it looks easier than on PS4. Fewer enemies in hordes and less special on PC. You can compare on YouTube.
  1. it may be they have to tweak the spawn director a bit but i have no clue.
    as for 1) bots are generally mediocre compared to players, my best bet is that you have to improve your teamwork, covering each others back and the like. It may be also a matter of controls being bad on console.
    IIrc, the only thing affected by the number of players is the number of specials, don’t remember if that applies to bots.
    It’s a fact that the game spawns additional specials (disablers usually) if a player is far away from the party, IE if the party’s split

It doesn’t. If working alone ends up feeling easier for both you and your friends, you need to look at your group tactics and dynamic. The bots are fantastic special snipers and tend to mostly stick close enough; those might be the things you need to watch out for. If you stray away from each other, not only will you have to deal with everything alone, but the AI Director will also spawn more Specials to hunt you.

Mods, unless on the Modded Realm, don’t affect game difficulty. Any that are approved for Official Realm use are visual only, Quality of Life changes or facilitate easier access to some info; one of the criteria for that is that they don’t significantly change the gameplay. If you get your sense of Legend being easier from watching others play, you’re probably looking at already experienced and skilled players, so everything appears easier than it is. After all, most of the player skills in this game aren’t apparent if you don’t know exactly what to look for (and it’s hard to see them even if you do). Even if you find j_sat’s or others’ videos of teaching Legend newbies, you see the game from their perspective, so it’s hard to see all the mistakes others make and the teacher fixes.

Of course, the control method can makes some difference, and the balancing is slightly different between PC and consoles. The latter is for performance reasons; the hordes are slightly smaller but the enemies in those are tougher on consoles.

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I uderstood that the hordes were smaller on the PS4, but each enemy has a slightly higher health as the PS4 can’t handle as much as the PC. There’s actaully a spreadsheet thread here somewhere about the differences in PC/PS4 HP of enemies and such.

Also, the difficulty spikes you speak of are definitely there in Legend on the PC, and if you find it easier to solo then that suggests that you aren’t playing very coherently as a team.

Finally, if you’re watching youtube videos people are highly unlikely to put up a video showing them being completely awful at the game. No one posts runs where they get downed by gunners/horde/boss between the 1st and 2nd grim on Skittergate ( this happens more than you think).


I swear half my public QPs on skittergate wipe in that area due to patrol + horde or boss + horde, or any other combo. I have no idea why that area is so hard for most players. I suspect it’s because of all the ledges where enemies can climb up and get the jump on players who aren’t paying attention behind them.

As for mobs having more HP on consoles compared to PC. That’s rather interesting and would make the game harder in my opinion. As even most melee weapons can just barely kill horde mobs with power VS stacked on PC. Adding a little bit of HP could be a huge difference for certain weapons, as they will now need 2 hits to kill a horde mob instead of 1.

Another reason PC might look easier. Mouse and keyboard is far superior to a game pad. This has been tested many times. I remember a study where they even took professional console players and put them up against random PC players. The randoms with mouse and keyboard dominated. Then again, I’m pretty sure PS4 has KBM support, but how many people actually use it?

I reckon that part of Skittergate gives all the advantage to the enemies. Assassins can jump from MILES away, globadiers and storm-fatties can cast from up on cliffs or ledges, and the general layout of the whole thing divides the players quite well. Add into the fact the charges of the usual characters who can res fast are blocked or stopped by ledges or slopes, and the annoying thing that the boss can often corner someone and pummel them it’s game-over quite quick. My QP’s often end there more than anywhere else on that map.

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