Funny theory about human/bot players?

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So me and two of my friends returned to V2 to check out all the new stuff. It’s great with all the new levels, weapons, talents etc. All is good so long. I started out a week or two before the others joined in and I can now solo most levels on legend on the official realms.
The fun stuff starts when we team up in the lobby and load a level. It seems like the game gets some what harder when we play together 1-3 human players with 1-2 bots on the side. Especially the amount and frequency of Specials seems way harder compared to me soloing with 3 bots.

  • So is this there anything suppporting that little theory?

We had the same feeling back when the game was released and often tried to change who hosted the game and so on.

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No, the game doesn’t make it any easier or harder depending on the number of players or anything of the sort.
Bots can be really good at sniping some specials, so maybe you’re just not noticing some specials because the bots have been dealing with them? Not sure.

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Thanks for your reply - I might very well be the case.
Guess we just have to practice more:-)

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There is a lot of random variance in this game. Sometimes you’ll have several runs that are way too easy - no boss fight, few elites, lots of healing - and sometimes you’ll have several runs that feel crazy with tons of strong enemies and a massive amount of specials. It can easily vary by twice the numbers sometimes.


That’s also true, it could’ve been sheer coincidence. The RNG nature of the game can have this happen.

There’s also this thing where the AI director tends to decide to toss less crap at you when the “intensity level” is too high, which happens when the group has taken too much damage, or has gotten members knocked down or disabled by specials, or when the AI director already tossed a lot of crap at you…

So it’s also possible that bots have been taking so much damage and gotten disabled by specials or knocked down so much that the AI director gives you a few more breaks than with competent players. But even then, the match should feel harder 'cause the bots would’ve been doing so bad.

This might sound a bit offensive, but on my experience bots play way better than most QP players on legend. And I’m not exaggerating a single bit. While I have nothing to disprove your words this is just my experience. Maybe your friends are just not good enough yet so games with bots are genuinely easier.

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well bots don’t go yoloing off like numpties for a start, although this is counteracted by them suicide charging gunners.

No no - it’s a perfect fine observation on your side and actually my own conclusion. They are a bit rusty and I my self might not realise how many Specials the Bots actually shoot down. My focus is allways on making sure to help the bots on gas-rats, gunners and bligthstormers. Besides there annoying behaviour on that matter the bots do pretty good and I’ve learned how to babysitte/force-teleport them them. Just suck when they get stuck on a ledge/ladder :slight_smile:

Bots who stick close to you and don’t become Chaos Spawn healing potions are very useful on Legend, yes. But they get stuck in terrain, stay back fighting stragglers and can’t handle complex situations and verticality AT ALL, so I still prefer real players who actually have a chance in those scenarios.

Must be a region thing because I’d take any random Legend quickplay player over a bot in almost any situation. I find myself just getting frustrated with bot behavior if I play with them, it may be just a playstyle difference I guess.

I played 8 maps yesterday. The first one with bots on veteran because I was just returning from a many months long break. I realized it’s like driving a bicycle.
I played three more with bots but on champion.
I was simply steamrolling through the maps with all grims and tomes.

Then I went for champion runs with human players:
Gooosh, it ended in actual work and we didn’t even pick up any books. I was like throwing all my potions to the Ironbreaker and Waystalker.

I concluded for myself: Bots on Champ are better than most human players.

Bots are very consistent. Yeah they make dumb decisions but they always make dumb decisions, you can accomodate them.

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