[FEEDBACK] - Torch switching is inconsistent


_BIG EDIT : one of my VT friend told me he found out by accident we can drop it by pressing the weapon_special key (usually only used with rapier to use the special shot). It works with any class/weap… ! And it is not written anywhere, also it’s called weapon special not drop torch xD

Please rework the torch switching, maybe add the pickup_item key to leave the torch. Like you made with Vermintide 1 !

Actually now, if you pickup the torch while you had melee weap on hand, and later want to drop the torch on the ground, you have to press switch key, which will provides you your ranged weapon ! So you have to keep that in mind and pickup the torch with ranged first to be sure to get back to the melee on hand in case of the need to drop the torch.

Or force autoswitching to melee. I got damaged many times because of switching to ranged while hord spawning !

I know you made it because it is recognized like a weapon but it introduces for me a kind of backward.

(Picking up the torch with ranged is by the way dangerous, for the small while you are going to pick it up you can be damaged by any ennemy, because you can’t block).

I think the best way, is to allow both dropping mecanisms, by switching and pickup key.

Keep working hard.


I agree on this.

The easiest way to drop the torch currently is to press Q. This leaves you with your ranged weapon out, unable to block.

That’s not well thought through, to be honest. I feel handling the V1 torch was way better.

Just another case of “a step forwards for the devs, a step backwards for the players”.

Maybe add an option to the menu that allows dropping the torch with E?


Do you know you can drop the torch pressing the numeric keys to select the weapons/items?

But if you’re not used to using those (at least for weapons) it’s hard to suddenly change your habits.

I’d say the best options with dropping the torch would be to either force a default to melee weapon or the last weapon you had in hand. As it is, it replaces the weapon you are holding, and pressing q (or whatever your quickswitch button is) switches to the other one. It feels strange and unintuitive. The latter is very much true for the Weapon special drop, which I hadn’t even had thought of trying. Even though I’ve known about it being used for a few other things beyond Rapier shot since VT1. A tooltip of some sort could be useful for that.

As an aside, we still need more use for the Weapon Special for people to learn to use it more. Special attacks, optional zoom for Bolt Staff, taunting… almost anything.

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