Feedback on my Subjective Experience after the latest patch

Kinda makes me wonder, out of 10 Legend runs, 4 crashed.
Champion runs? Not once.

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I would say 1out of 5 runs crashes, no matter what level.

I almost wonder if the whacky hijinks are player or host specific.

Some people seem like they are unaffected, and then there’s me, who just last run got hit from the front, by a slave rat 10 feet away through 2 other players, and took me down from about 40% health. Solo slave rat, nothing else around.

I asked the other people if they saw what I saw, and they were like yes, wtf we’ve never seen anything like that.
I kind of wish it was easier to verify. But I’m going to uninstall and reinstall and see if it makes any difference.

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really not sure what you’re complaining about as you never come right out and say it, instead spending hundreds of words just repeating that you aren’t having “fun”. the game is in the best state it has been with lots of bugs being fixed, good incentive to play boss lvls now, weapons buffed, more skills working etc. my problem is that at least for me there’s no carrot at the end of the stick and I can’t get reds or if I do it is a dupe

wat …

This is something I’d like to stress: Alot of the issues (talking about crashes, stuff spawning in your pocket) people have with Legend seem absolutely absent on Champion. Why is that so?

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Thats why I said it makes me wonder

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Because it isn’t.
Its just that this is basically a forum for Vermintide legend difficulty because anything else wouldn’t be taken seriously by the community. Its almost like playing champion is an insult (well for elitists it is and Vermintide is a game made for exactly those people).

Its just not that present in champion because the hordes aren’t that many and so are the specials while its also easier to burst them away. But its still the same alpha testing experience. Specials also spawn silent for me 90% of the time in champion where I retreated after winning public legend runs just wont happen anymore. Director goes crazy all the time. I just tried an into the nest on champion, We evaded two patrols by sheer luck that spawned like five metres afar from us behind the next doorway, silent, basically no ranged firepower so onyl one player survived the boss and this single player was greeted by five specials spawning in the hall a few footsteps away from the last elevator clipping into each other (and got deleted).

Not to mention the dozen times my block wasn’t registrated, the phantom hits etc. etc.

Its just that champion is still somewhat playable because a slaverat wont kill you in a few hits so even five of them popping out of the next wall hitting you from ten meters away by sliding trough the whole map ignoring any dodge, collision or parry isnt THAT big of a deal. Its still absolutely no fun.

I think I will just leave it as it is coming back in one or two years when the game maybe got fixed. Well, at least the basics.


To be fair, Champion on VT2 is like Hard on VT1 and Legend, when it’s actually working, is a lil easier than Nightmare. People tended to farm Nightmare in VT1 and only do Cata occasionally, because the difficulty was very well tuned to be challenging enough it was still fun without being so hard it was stressful. Champion in VT2 is just boringly easy and the only reason Legend is “hard” right now is because the AI director is bugged and on full tilt all the time for most people.

I’m kinda taking a break right now as well. Champion bores me and Legend is bugged. As much as I love the game, spending 10hrs dealing with glitches and an AI director on crack isn’t fun. It would be cool if I could, every now and then, tell the director to try to outright delete me like this, but not every moment of every run.

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To be quite fair, the crashing IS quite a problem and it mainly happens on legend runs.

OMG OP this! Yes this all day long. I don’t know about the updates or whatever but here’s my feels on this and why I’m out of this game:

This game could have been so much better. It could have felt like “A desperate battle to survive.” I want to pretend I’m a BA knight for an hour after work. I wanna fight for my life once in a while in a dark universe full of beautifully horrific things trying to kill me. I want the three cool people around me to be my only hope. I want to feel like “we survived!” at the end of a game.

I don’t wan’t to be in this “community” with these “gamer” children.
I don’t want my mate who died the most playing the elf to brag about his green circle collection after the match.
I REALLY don’t want strangers doing that while complaining about being “agro’d”.
I don’t want to play missions “for loot” or to play with anyone who does.
I don’t want to be treated like a risk/reward balance statistic like I’m a dog chasing a carrot. F@#$ you.

I strongly feel that this game and genre need to move away from “boss” format ideas in order to maintain their identity and distinguish themselves from the other garbage. This iteration of vermintide has taken a big step in the wrong direction on account of the devs not appreciating this and these problems. I’m ready to drop this game and wait for another one that gets this.

The real short term solution to the problem is to give EVERYTHING in the game less health. “Tanking” should be an endangered concept, as well as “DPS”. Both concepts break immersion mainly because they aren’t and never have been real. Real tanks don’t “tank”, they simply are impervious or not. The “bosses” need to kill us faster and die instantly when shot in the eye, for example. This would cause more immersion and more tension, not to mention faster play times. Difficulty can and should come from FASTER and MORE enemies, not health bars and statistics.

Protracted fights and fight scenes as well as object hoarding and hero lusting have never been about fun. They have long been the domain of plebs, a domain to which this game seems to have gone probably not to die but to get mainly hollow and soulless iterations peopled and funded by idiots who used to play MOBA, watch twitch, and to whom games are" a part of their identity".

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