Features that were promised but are still missing

So the game has been out for nearly a month now and I’m wondering when Fatshark will add some of the features that were supposed to be in the game already. Specifically:

-Functional combat system
-Mod support
-Keep decoration

The game is fun for the first few hours but then you hit hero power 600, the loot becomes worthless and you might as well stop playing. That’s not how Fatshark said the game would be. They told us there’d be endgame content, too.

Combat system is functional (and they’re patching a bug). Even in the live state it’s functional.

There are cosmetics, but stupidly rare. I agree here that I’d like to see both a higher drop rate and more of them.

Deeds are in the game as end-game challenge content.

Mod support was never promised as a launch feature and it looks like we might be getting it at the end of this month.

Keep does need more decorating options, it does ‘change’, but we don’t really get to decorate it.

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