Fatshark has no plans to fix green dust problem :(

I’m guessing the silence is them working on something for 1.1… I sure hope so at least. But even then the issue warrants a bit more feedback to player feedback, silence and secrecy doesn’t aid the glaring nature of the issue.

I think this has to do with the short nature of all the betas so far.

I hope Fatshark realizes we’re not hating them so much as showing we’re passionate about the game and want this fixed as much as they do. :rofl: a bit of a shame people have been giving them crap for their streams though, it discourages them improving and doing them more often.


I think they probably underestimated how perfectionist people were going to be with their green dust. I know there’s going to be the person who gets really unlucky and blows 300 green dust trying to get the stats they want at all (which is a real problem for any randomized system), but for the most part they probably thought most folks would just go “eh, good enough” and not be re-rolling as often as they are.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that the system is fine, just hypothesizing on why the green dust system made it into the game in its current form.

I think it was just a complete oversight, considering V1 gets it all right. It couldn’t have been intended because, for example, if someone leveled everything then used all their dust on a single class trying different things out, they’d be totally fubar when it came to do other classes.

Yeah, poor FS getting ungrateful community yet again. Somehow, the most demanding and idealistic people tend to gather up around their game! Awful people, that pay FS money and the sole reason this studio exists.

But if these people are such “perfectionists”, and have been asking for one thing for three months already, then maybe, just maybe, it would be smart to fulfill their needs and give them ability to reroll their stats. I mean it would calm those money-paying meanies and that’s not hard to do - all that’s needed is to change ONE constant in the code.


I won’t lie I think you can sound rather condescending at times but this just kind of made me laugh since it’s definitely not untrue. :rofl: This green-dust issue has been dragging on and on without a proper response rather than ‘‘we’re working on it’’ and meanwhile the playerbase keeps dwindling while some simpler things like these would hold interest at least a little longer - if not a proper answer that might make people look forward to what the future holds in store rather than radio-silence and suffering.

I’ve tried the whole ‘‘speedrun X to get greendust’’ nonsense, it gets tiresome after just two runs and feels completely counterproductive and counter-intuitive.

In progress. Figures may vary. Terms and conditions apply. See in store for details.



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Thank you, really appreciate the response. I’m currently sitting on 12/570 with many dips to 0 on the green front and there’s many worse offenders out there that I’ve seen, this will be a big help.

FINALLY, but… this is just another useless clicking minigame like the slow re-rolling, I’m happy that we are getting it but a combined dust would have been way more comfortable (at least we get orange to blue to green)

So now that we are getting the dust conversion let it be instant, I don’t want to hold left click for 3 hours


I reckon a short 0.5-1seconds would be okay lest you end up with people clicking it till they run out of blue. You know as well as I do there’s gonna be someone out there that’s going to do that and then complain about that. XD

As for combined dust I disagree but only to a point, because the game should be designed to work with the intended resources, which perhaps future systems may iron out more reliably but we’ll see.

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Agree. Last thing we needed is another UI step in the crafting system, which is already beyond slow and annoying.

I know it’s been said a hundred times, but why not get rid of green dust in rerolling altogether? Just increase the cost, and get rid of that useless component.
This design decision feels very wrong to me. Instead of fixing the problem directly, they gave an indirect way of fixing it to the player.


That’s why I’m a fan of the loss rewards (game is gonna kill you now and then regardless) and incorporating some dust on higher level rewards, this could be tied to a plethora of things.

A…any chance you can make that 100 dust at a time? Or at least let the player input the amount to convert?

Because…that…that looks tedious.

Thankfully you’re working on a fix, but…please make the fix good.


1:1 conversion sounds kinda low. 1.5:1 would make more sense. I feel like this should be a temporary bandaid rather than a long-term answer. Its not intuitive to downgrade your exotic item dust to a common green dust just so you can re-roll properties. If you were to keep the current 3-dust system, there would be two solutions that make way more sense to me:

  1. Make blue items drop green dust and orange items blue+green dust on top of their matching color OR

  2. Rework the re-roll system so that you only need green dust to re-roll green items, blue for blue and orange for orange, and increase the dust gained from scrapping items. Exactly the same as in V1, where scrapping one orange item would give you 15-25 shards, which meant you were able to re-roll properties 3-5 times (5 shards a try) or change their values 2-3 times (7 shards per try). Of course, doing that, we would have to adjust trait re-roll cost to a higher value. Some numbers I imagined would be 3-4 matching color dust per item scrapped and 4 orange dust requirement to re-roll traits.

Now, dont get me wrong. A conversion system is direly needed to get rid of the insane amount of blue dust people have racked up, and I appreciate it. These two suggestions are for afterwards, to make the crafting system feel better. I just wish you would bump the conversion rate to 15:10.


Screenshot? With android buttons?

1:1 ratio is not fair, and limiting the amount of dust you can convert to 10 is extremely tedious, many people are sitting on several thousands of non-green dust.

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That’s great and all, but it’s still a screenshot. I hope to see this in game asap.

I don’t agree with the 1:1 ratios as well. 10 blues should = more than ten greens.

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I’d like to hear reasons for this. Unless we will be able to convert both up and down, a 1:1 ratio still gives more value to the higher level dusts as you can convert them to the lower one, but not vice versa. Allowing higher-ratio trading could easily make them overvalued.

If the trading is to be two-way, though, (though I don’t see why we’d need that) then I agree.

And adjustable quantities are pretty much a must for this kind of system. While I highly doubt the “thousands” argument, hundreds in disparity is very much a thing, and limiting trading to tens or such get tedious, fast.

Actually after all this pain, I can struggle through the minigame. Anything, to get the precious green dust.

What bugs me, though, they didn’t announce any retroactive changes. I think people deserve some compensation for all the frustration, that was caused by such a long delay on such a simple fix.