Fatshark are you cheating users?

What does it mean?

DxDiag.txt (78.6 KB)

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What you can’t even launch it?


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From the beginning there was a crash when pressing the “play” button
(Something went wrong in the Shader Cache Builder process Exit Code = -1073741819)
and today there is such an insert saying that there is a mismatch and even now I can’t start it. Just admire the view of the launcher.

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the requirments are correct tbh, your 1050ti and 7400 are both worse than the 6600 and 970 listed, higher number != better stuff, epecially when its of the lower tier (600 of the CPU is a higher tier than 400, 70 is a muuuch higher tier than the 50, which is a very low tier)

the 970 is 63% better than the 1050ti and the 6600 is about 10-14%

As Yumiko has stated the 970 is much better then the 1050 TI even though the 1050 is newer. My wife plays on a very old 1070 and the game can chug at large hordes. The 1050 I would imagine would be a slideshow.

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Can you provide your darktide launcher and console logs

You may or may not be right… But I haven’t seen GTX 970 or higher in the requirements except GTX 1050 ti
If the system requirements are indicated and I meet them and paid money, then I should be able to use the products according to the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS THAT ARE STATED while observing all these conditions!
So here either it is stated incorrectly, and someone
that misleads users.
Or then fix it.
P.S. here is logs
console-2022-11-26-18.37.40-0aaacd37-37c2-4adc-a1fc-fdc8c4085e0f.log (5.6 KB)
darktide_launcher.log (40.2 KB)
launcher.config (81 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (78.6 KB)

Can you try installing the latest dot net from Microsoft then REBOOT your computer (rebooting is absolutely necessary after a dot net install)

Also can you add whitelisting to your anti-virus for the game. or as a test disable your anti-virus entirely

on Experemental

Nothing has changed even after a clean reinstall of Frameworks
DxDiag.txt (78.6 KB)

Something went wrong in the Shader Cache Builder process Exit Code = -1073741819

GUID: c87fa9c0-9f48-4914-95f3-90d03a461c62
Log File:
console-2022-11-26-18.37.40-0aaacd37-37c2-4adc-a1fc-fdc8c4085e0f.log (5.6 KB)
console-2022-11-27-03.24.18-9f4bd431-7ac5-43f4-80d3-74250e6c60c0.log (5.6 KB)
console-2022-11-27-06.38.25-c87fa9c0-9f48-4914-95f3-90d03a461c62.log (5.6 KB)

Info Type:

Crashed when launching the game from the “Steam launcher”

user_settings.config (371 Bytes)
darktide_launcher.log (65.6 KB)
launcher.config (81 Bytes)

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the 2nd image you linked is the offical requirements they let out, which says 970 is the min requirement, the first image you linked is from a third party website which may have false information as the requirements were only released recently, the requirements clearly state that a 970 or higher is required, a 1050ti is less powerful than a 970

Can you run it, the third party website in no way affiliated with fatshark is the one who mislead you im afraid, no fatshark

To further the facts: Your can you run it screen shot shows that they last updated it on the 4th of october, Fatshark only released the min requirements on the 16th of November

Important to note that if you feel cheated in spite of following the wrong minimum, you can refund the game through Steam at any point regardless of hours of playtime as it’s not fully released until the 30th. Hope you get a new GPU.

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It’s not even that, and it boggles my mind how no one has noticed or at least pointed this out since the original post. The first screencap concerns another game entirely, and an unreleased one at that. You can find it on Steam, easily.


I’ve been watching this topic since pretty much its beginning and waiting for someone to point this out. No one did. I don’t even…

I’d argue more it was OP’s ability (or lack thereof) to connect facts, since that cover art is nowhere near the official one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wait that’s hilarious

oh my god its even more hilarious, i didnt even notice that !

You do not understand the main thing!
1 website was just shown to qualify.
2 IMPORTANT gtx 970 released in 2014 and is older than 1050 ti released in 2016
3 Therefore, I fully comply with the declared system requirements of the developer!
4 Even if I meet the requirements, I can’t start the game
5 A reasonable question are false requirements or did the developers not fix something?
6 Given that now BETA, I thought they had not finished it, but having received a notification from the game in the launcher that I did not meet the requirements, I had doubts about the honesty of the developers!
7 As I said earlier, it is not said anywhere (on the official Darktide resource) that from 970 and above, excluding 1050 ti, since it is weaker!
8 I don’t want a refund for the game I’ve been waiting for since the first announcement! I want to be able to use the game because my system meets the official requirements!
no need to write in the topic that does not apply to it.

Your CPU is 0.30 GHz slower than required.
Your GPU is weaker than listed in requirements.
I’m sorry, but you did not do your research (correctly).
Bigger version numbers or later release dates do not equal performance.
From what I can see in the benchmarks below, the GPU is the main culprit. This is quite a difference.

First, do you often see the system requirements of games requiring research?
If the official minimum system requirements list the processor series of the video card, as well as the amount of memory and RAM, and you are using them or next-generation products, then you meet the system requirements. That’s the whole point of posting them out.
Secondly, as some intellectuals have already written to me here, links to sites with information not from the game developer are hilarious, so your screenshot, based on their logic, is also useless.

im sorry but, its up to the consumer to know if their hardware meets the requirments, including knowing the power of their components

By your logic, a 3050 should be more powerful than a 2080ti because its the next series, it does not work like that, especially with the “50” versions of the cards, they are low end cards

see it like this: imagine a 2020 fiat panda and a 2011 lambo, you’re saying the fiat panda MUST be faster because it is newer…