Darktide Performance Deep Dive & System Requirements

For those interested Rikard Blomberg, the CTO of Fatshark has a VERY LONG and extensive blog about performance and the system requirement for Darktide.

Please note the blog post is LONG. You are literally going into the Eye of Terror of performance discussion and may come out from the Warp looking way worse than that poor Guardsman from the recent super cool Story Trailer.

However its a very good and informative blog. Very detailed. Very technical. Something for you to chew on while you wait for the pre-order beta to start.

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The biggest thing is they go through most/all? the display options and actually explain what they do, how they trade things off between them, what resources each option hits to what degree. I really appreciate the level of detail and wish more devs did this.


Any chance a dev could answer if the implemented FSR2 version is 2.1? It’s been out for awhile now and has significant ghosting improvements over 2.0.

This game has dogshit performance.


is nice that they tell what everything does and how it works but the performance is still dogshit , I shouldn’t have to go on the forum to have people help me with my performance when I have a 2080 and I am forced to play with DLSS and have constant crashes

Bro, I am not contradicting that performance isn’t bad but you are saying that a 4 year old graphics card should easily handle a 2022 game. I mean let’s be fair, the game currently has a lot of issues and will probably have for the upcoming months, no doubt but it’s really detailed, many meshes and particles which could still be smoothen out but don’t expect that a 2022 game gonna run smoothly on a 4 year old let’s say above average graphics card. Buy a current gen graphics card and you will notice that your performance issues won’t be such a big issue.

you cannot expect everyone to have the latest graphics cards just to run this game well in 1080p, never mind higher resolutions because it is not possible
the most popular gpu’s are the still the 1060, 2060, so if the game does not run well on those, most people just won’t bother playing it