Will Performance/Stability Improve?


Besides content additions. Do we have confirmations on whether or not performance will be addressed within this beta phase? Apologizes in advance if this question has already been answered. I’m currently debating on whether or not I should refund - if I even can since I have 3.4 hours - or if I should stick with the game. I’m willing to look past a lot of issues if I can play this game in a fashion that it’s acceptable to me: read 100+fps at ultra low settings.

For context: Vermintide 2 had issues on launch but I stuck with it; since I enjoyed the first one and believed that the sequel’s gameplay is a substantial upgrade to its predecessor. Darktide on the other hand feels like a regression to Vermintide 2. On top of severe performance issues.


Okay. Based on their recent community update:

They do have plans to improve performance. So this beta isn’t just adding content.

the developers have mentioned performance at least, but I don’t think they have acknowledged how bad it is, also idiot fanboys are defending the terrible optimization so I would not expect it to improve