Farming chests, Stop the farming asap!

Subject: To the Developer!


some people farm chests with his highest character, but they dont open it “own team, shame”, so they still wait for max level or switch to another character and open it with them, did the developer think so? This is really great and lazy farm system and that is so supported?

Perhaps the developer can check which character has become a chest and than lock the chest for each other character. And now perhaps do a timeline to open the chest, as example 24hours. Didnt you open it at the timeline your chest will turn into a egg :smiley:

brg, Michael

This is intentional.


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Now why in the hell would they do that?
They made the system this way so you can save up a few chests and open them for the next character you want to play. Then you won’t have to start at hero power 0, but can start at 300 right away.

Not that it really matters in the long term anyway, because most serious players will have every character at 30 with 600 power level. It doesn’t go any quicker dependent on what character you play. But it does matter what they open, because sometimes I’ll play one of my less favored characters for utility, and I open my chests on the character I want weapon skins for. If I couldn’t do that I’d never switch character for the sake of team composition.

And your suggestion to make chests disappear is the worst of all, when you have all items in the game you’re going to want to save your chests for a DLC-release. This gives people incentive to keep grinding.

I really have no idea what the problem is either. Guess I took the bait :sweat_smile:


I do the opposite because of the green dust problem. I play with characters lvl 30 and open chests with Saltz lvl 6. All this because an exchange system is not implemented.

Fatshark has spent thousands of hours of time designing an incredible game with 15 different CLASSES!!! And dozens of different weapons with strengths and weaknesses.
And all this is destroyed when you can not experiment or try new weapons because we do not have green dust to make a construction that interests us.

Fatshark has designed about 100 weapons that are useless.

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no, because sometimes i am forced to play other characters other than my favourite character, as someone else is already using that character. i am trying to get a full set of reds for my elf, i would loathe to have to ‘waste’ lootboxes on another character.

i feel this change is agreeable to the general population. i’m not really sure why you are attacking it, because it gives you the freedom to CHOOSE which character you want to open it on.

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When I play the missions I want to do that so I usually stock pile at least 20 boxes before each opening/crafting session… Then I look at all my characters and open boxes for one or two of them where I want to get something specific. I think the current system is great.

More importantly for this discussions I don’t see what the problem is if people can choose when to open the boxes, it does not cause disadvantages to other players so why complain about it?

Just NO.

Of all the stupid feedbacks, this one clearly takes the cake.


Nah, this kind of posts are even worse but people are good at reporting them as spam which is good:

In this case the OP is maybe trying to say something even though it’s impossible to understand what… Unless it’s just trolling or something.

I have expressed my opinion and a suggestion for improvement. Besides, my personal opinion was directed to the developers, what they make of it is only their decision. I can understand that those who use exactly this style of play call the post as spam or troll, but reasonably argue it seems unlikely.

Sorry, when I stepped some on the chest, aehm some feet.

Dumbest troll post I’ve seen. claps

For the sake of clarity, you are against being able to open chests with Heroes other than the one you won the chest with, right? However, it is hard to understand your reasoning behind why this is a bad system. Because people don’t have to play a specific Hero to get items for that Hero? I’m not sure how that is a negative, though. As others have rightly pointed out, this drives flexibility in terms of Heroes played. Having to start collecting power all over again with each of the 5 different heroes would undoubtedly be fuel for frustration. Additionally, the current system allows us, the players, to maximise our chances at gaining the rarest items by opening chests with high level Heroes (which would mainly apply for new or intermediate players). Why would you want to remove one of the (few) things in the game that gives power to the players?

Removing chests after a small period of time is like something out of a Korean MMO. If anything, the loot system should be criticised (which it is) for not giving even more power to the players by, for example, easing the process of gaining desired properties and traits. The focus of the game is not loot, it is the challenge and the mental rewards that come from being challenged.

Hopefully you can understand why everyone is reacting negatively.


It does not matter who you are talking to you still need to explain WHY the change would improve the game and HOW it is problematic right now.
Changes needs to based on understandable reasoning.

One of the most important aspect of product feature development based on feedback is to give users what they NEED rather than what they WANT because as a developer you might be in a much better position to make the call whats needed than a single user can. Giving suggestions is fine but the problem itself is the most important information you can give them.

You seem to make a lot of assumptions, both about how I might be playing and that people understand what you think is wrong with the game.

I mostly played only elf during the beta to lvl30 without playing the other characters so much so I did not do it to get higher power items or wether you think the problem is… I have almost exclusively been switching between my non-lvl30 characters since then to get all of them to level 30 (2 at 30 and the rest>25 so soon there…).

When I have most of what I think I currently need I’d like to not having to spend time/effort on crafting which would be the effect of both having to switch between characters to open their own individual boxes or be forced to do it before the boxes expires. Shoud crating materials also expire? Being able to craft an item is kind of a stored and more controlled version of opening a chest, you can choose the kind of item but the rest is still based on RNG and it’s shared between the characters.

When you have a lot of items it can take some time to do the inventory/crafting management so concentrating it to something I do once a week or so let’s me concentrate on battle for the regular sessions and not hog everyones in the keep time between missions doing inventory management.

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