Experimental Beta stops the game from launching

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Crash - After Building Shader Cache

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Having pretty poor performance as of the Path of Redemption update, I’ve been looking high and low for solutions to make the game run as well on my AMD hardware as other games.

Following Fatshark Julia’s advice for the experimental beta here KNOWN ISSUE: Performance Issues After Path of Redemption Update - #13, no matter what I do, the game cannot get past the launcher. Nearly instantly upon clicking “play”, the game immediately crashes. The non-beta version of the game is so stuttery and drops frames to the point of being figuratively unplayable, but the beta is literally unplayable.

The crash report seems to give nothing at all, as posted below.

After changing the user config files as per FatsharkJulia’s post, after every failed launch attempt, all changes in the file revert.

I have disabled and removed all traces of any mods, and uninstalled and reinstalled the game, to no change.

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Yes, and I’ve tried disabling them

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Constant (100%)

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Steam (PC)

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Could not fetch or upload crash info

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Tagging @Axloss to see if he has any recommendations for this issue.

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can you see if you get any files in

console_logs or crash_dumps with corresponding time stamp to the crash? You can upload them here in that case

these folders can be found in

crash_dump-2024-05-14-19.03.12-c681ab30-ff03-4013-9ac6-967908132f61.dmp (626.3 KB)

console-2024-05-14-19.03.12-c681ab30-ff03-4013-9ac6-967908132f61.log (11.2 KB)

I do indeed