Eviscerator cleave damage distribution

What is the Eviscerator cleave damage distribution?

(Meaning when cleaving, what is the amount of damage to first target, second target, third target, etc.)

The breakdown web application thingy won’t say.

Actually, it seems that only Heavy 1 and Heavy 2 are missing the information. But I’m specifically interested in Heavy 1.

Whatever it is its poopy.

Is this a technical term?

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It may not be exact, but…

I don’t understand the exact meaning of the numbers, but the falloff is going 125/250 → 50/100 → 40/80 → 25/50 → 0

With the exception of the special, I haven’t seen any overrides for the Eviscerator’s falloff, so I think this will apply to all attacks.

And a quick test in the Psykhanium (my Evis has 25% Infested)

247 → 99 → 79 → 56

which approximately lines up with the numbers above (although I would’ve expected the 4th target to take 49-50 damage). Number 5 got hit with the rev effect, so he’s not being counted.

I also did a test against Flak armor; the results are similar-ish, but still a bit of ??? on the 4th target

Headshot multiplier is 1.4x, so the non-weakspot damage ends up around 60 (expected damage would be 68 or 69)


Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.

So Heavy 1 damages a maximum of 4 enemies.

Except sometimes more with with revving?

I ran out of hit mass/cleave, so the weapon (without special activation) catch on the last target; if Savage Sweep was active, I would’ve just knocked that 5th enemy over for 0 damage.

The special activation behaves similarly AFAIK; unless you run out of hit mass/cleave (or hit an elite/special), it will just sweep through everything

So savage sweep can actually cause you to do less damage?

Technically, yes, but it means you don’t get animation locked on horde enemies when using heavy attacks. Personally, I’m okay with that tradeoff - 99% of the time, I open my combos with the block attack so I can have Savage Sweep for the heavy follow-up, for added CC and reduced risk

Thank you for the insights! Much appreciated.

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@Dumlefudge, may I ask for an update on those numbers in the current path 13?

It’s not urgent, I can wait. Thank you in advance.

The new numbers are available in part 2 of the patch notes

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Am I crazy or the light attack is stronger than the heavy?

Actually, it’s complicated.

First four targets:
Light: 270+126+108+32=536
Heavy: 270+90+72+45=477

Heavy eight targets:

The heavy also gets the rip/saw component, which would more than makes up the difference in mixed hordes.

Either way, Eviscerator hits very hard. Factor in crits and weakspot hits, you’re getting some pretty big hits in.

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