Equipment/Gadget Slots

What do you think some of the gadgets or equipment that can go into the other slots would be?
I hope they would be something usable or have an active game effect rather than just passives like V2’s accessories.

Auspex - (by default bound to 4) some kind of scanner or motion detector (maybe like from Aliens?) or something that can scan for items.

Chem Inhaler/Injector - Probably some kind of combat stim like Slaught or 'Zerk, makes even the pansiest psyker into a melee powerhouse for a little while. Frenzon or Stimm for shrugging off stagger. There’s also a drug called Spook that induces/enhances warp abilities temporary.

Displacer Field - Taking HP damage teleports you away a short distance. Gameplay wise it would be better to have it take you away from enemies because in lore it’s completely random.

Digital Weapon - A xenos accessory that are hand crafted by Jokeroes and allows a single blast or burst of an energy weapon (las, plasma, flamer, melta). Only one shot a mission (or a long cooldown) but quick to fire with little/no animation.

Mines - They’re mines, they blow up. Good for defence.

Stummer - A sound concealing device that could make you less likely to be targeted for a little while.

Accordion Wire - A spool of barbed wire that would can deploy to make chokepoints.

Refractor Field - Adds a little recharging buffer to your toughness.

Conversion Field - Negates really big hits (mauler overhead, sniper shots) and generates a stunning flash around you. Long, long cooldown for this one.

Preysense goggles - IR/NV goggles. There are contact lens equivalents too.

Cameleoline cloak - Reduces detection or aggro from ranged enemies. Better effect when still or moving slowly.

Demolition charge - this would probably be a mission item like exploding barrels, but a throwable that is very powerful but more likely than not you won’t be able to throw further than its blast radius.

For now I’d rather they be all general use, some are definitely better for one class over another. Archetype specific gadgets/equipment is another rabbit hole.

Deployable are another idea, anywhere from Power Field generators to Tarantula turrets, but I would rather they be things you can pick up in mission like ammo crates and medical packs.


im in favor of pretty much anything that can add more variety to your playstles and loadouts. some of these that are especially cool are the demolition charge and cameleoline cloak, those would be fun to use

I hope the equipment won’t just be stat sticks with healing/grenade/ammo traits (and only being able to take one of each). It could get pretty interesting because orange items have 2 traits, so lots of room for lots of combinations hopefully.

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I hope they have an effect at all and arent just for customization, because right now it looks like that.

Just to be clear, they’re the Darktide equivalent to Vermintide 2’s accessories like trinkets, charms and necklaces.

Fatshark said that the equipment slots weren’t enabled in the beta build, they’d usually be on the inventory page, not the cosmetics page.

Oh, glorious. I feared so much that they got rid of trinkets.

Lets hope so.

Another trait or effect was that it affected your power somehow. Duration, team share an effect, cooldown, stores charges, range. Something to change up powers since there’s no class switching to have a different power.

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Cool! Love all your suggestions)

Btw, Cameleoline cloak reminds me of veterans “ camouflage” perk on lvl 15 (if I recall correctly).