Weapon ideas for the game

40k has a large selection of interesting and unique weapons that could find their way into the game. So I thought it would be fun to gives some suggestions for weapons I would love to see added, and see what other people would like to see. Now I know about 500 people are lining up to comment “they should fix the weapons they have first”. Don’t bother, I know this, you know this let’s not waste time saying what has already been said about 100 times in others places. Without further ado here is my list of weapons I would like to see it make it into the game :slight_smile:


Las gauntlet: this was a neat wrist mounted rapid fire Las weapon. It was neat since it let you keep your hands free while blasting away at things.

Razorweb launcher: also a wrist mounted weapon that fires clouds of monofilament wire that entangle and shed enemies to pieces

Graviton gun: (a long shot since these are considered dark age relics) but they fire a stream of particles that affect the local gravitational field making a target either much heavier or much lighter depending on the setting, can be used to pin enemies to the ground and on higher settings can even rupture organs.

Shock blaster pistol: fires blasts of electromagnetic force that can overload a targets nervous system stunning them.

Ripper pistol: favored on death worlds these specially modified auto pistols fire armor piercing rounds containing a vicious cocktail of venomous chemicals (possibly not very effective against nurgle followers lol)

Melee weapons

Power axe: it’s an axe with a power field

Flail of chastisement: large two handed flails with spiked and barbed heads used by zealous members of the ecclesiarchy.

Electro flails: these flails have electric current running through them, shocking and stunning those they hit.

Burning blade: a power sword constructed of a special material that causes it to heat up while it’s power field is activated.

Agonizer talons: a dark eldar weapon consisting of power fielded gauntlet with razor sharp talons that slice through armor and paralyze enemies with pain. Despite their xeno origin they are still found in use in the imperial underworld and by rogue traders.

Power fist: the perfect weapon for when you want to just punch people while still doing thunder hammer amounts of damage.

Force axes: these function similar to a force sword.

Damasken kineblades: these weapons are made of a special psycho active material that lets them easily be controlled through telekinetic powers, they appear as simple daggers without handles that a psyker can easily fling around.

Power Lance/spear: if a weapon has existed chances are the imperium has strapped a power field generator to one at some point

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