Well guys. I’ve spent hours into the game and i can’t be more frustrated than ever.
This game sucks. The people behind even. There is no functioning community support, no features in game available for his longevity nor fun. The only good thing is the actual gunplay, wich bothers after a while.

I’m done. I’m leavin it and seen all the forum posts, all the effort people is takin for giving as many new ideas and feedback, and NO answer at all, no DEV CONTRIBUTION, no hearing feedback by them, NOT AN ACTIVE TEAM BEHIND IT, i’m just uninstalling it.

I’m gonna ask a refund, in any way possible, stating all such things.
This game is just a disease.

Have fun, the emperor demands us to quit. Maybe in a year we’ll have a good darktide.


Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

You’ll be back, though. Of course you will, Varlet.


On to the next game you are gonna review bomb and harass devs for? Have fun posting on that forum…

I’m loving darktide. Its an absolute work of art.

Survival game modes would extend the life of the game and fatshark has plenty of maps they can reuse for survival modes, literally so much resources. Bridges, Tunnels, large rooms etc.

But survival mode is COD apparently so by hedges logic there will be no survival mode.

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I’m giving the OP some confirmation:

Yes - this game has issues and the dev responses have not to date responded in any way to the core issues related to progression, rewards, mission selection, RNG shop, score board, etc… It really sucks. This game could be amazing - the core gameplay in missions is solid - but the systems wrapped around it are aggravating.

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Yeah, games sucks, I left too. I’m in the process of pursuing a refund on false advertising terms

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They tried that in Vermintide, remember? The survival mode was dead, nobody playing it.
The mission structure with diversified objectives is fine, they just need to add some more content so it’s mixed up more.

What was falsely advertized? Go ahead, I will wait.

Content, Crafting, 70+ weapons, cosmetics that are yet to show up in game, misleading class diversity, I can go on…
There’s no point though, I see you on here in almost all of these threads spouting your inane garbage in some weird crusade to defend a game that is widely accepted to have a plethora of faults. You take every criticism of the game seemingly personally for a reason I cannot comprehend.
It’s fine to have an opinion. You don’t have to get defensive when someone doesn’t share one with you.
‘I’ll wait’ lol, ok?


well, for starters i just left a thread on wep modding, which was in trailers(I think a blog post as well, but idk) and isn’t in the game and hedge said its not coming
several instances of them saying premium shop currency would be earnable in-game, and its not, to which they went back and edited the post
having a finished game on launch, eg finished crafting, solo play, etc (more implied, but still a slap in the face)
they lied/lying about minimum specs, they said several times that a Nvidia 970 is the minimum, but the game launcher says that my 1650 doesn’t meet the minimum
they promised solo play, not here yet, and when it gets here its “solo with a squad of 2-4” which, I’m not too good with numbers, but even an ogryn knows that 2-4 is more than 1
“70+weps on launch”: 65, and most are reskins at best

I didn’t follow production too close so idk about each and every promise, so these are just the ones that a disappointed fan of vermintide knows off the top of their head


misleading class diversity

if you mean the amount of classes at launch then I have to disagree, they clearly state in some of the steam devblogs that there will only be 4 at launch (about 3 times to memory) so I cant say that only having 4 is a lie

its disappointing, but in line with what they said

No, I agree and don’t dispute that 4 was stated. But it was also strongly stressed that class customization would be much more in depth in comparison to vt2, as well as weapons playing a bigger part in how each class plays, with weapon specials being a large factor in this. And what we got is absolutely the exact same as vt2 careers. The rebranding of ‘careers’ turned out to be nothing but a simple name change.

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ah ok, then yeah i agree to an extent. personally if they had just added better guns to vermintide and slapped a fresh coat of paint on I would be over the moon. but I can definitely see how their marketing of the class system would lead to much higher expectations to diversity

very similar for me to how the overall interactions/dialog/characters feel “its like vermintide but better” while my faceless character that I cant even see most of the time spouts some line that would get him shot on sight for heresy