Enough is enough lets tackle the big issues!

Im going there , im addressing the big bad here. a plague that blights all our lives.

Bunny hopping

when for the love of the children will this issue be fixed?

there you go, i went there, now what other majour and critical issues do you all want nerfing? or implementing

I’d rather fix ladders, Bardin has trouble getting up the ladders sometimes! (actual bug)
(Umgak) Clearly they should place a little ladder beside the big ladder for the vertically challenged!


Too bad they didnt include any voicelines, which complain about jumping when someone does it all the time, like they had in V1. It was quite nice to have something like this in the game. Infact, most of the voicelines were better in V1. In V2 you either hear Kerillian insulting someone or any hero pointing out that stairs go up or down.


When you’re jumping about like mad in a first person competitive shooter it’s a hard habit to break when moving to vermintide.

Actually Saltz someone use the “Must you keep jumping ? Have some decorum” voiceline, but very rarely.
I’ve read somewhere more than half of the voicelines are bugged due to their trigger not activate, can’t confirm

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