Enemy Stacking needs to be addressed

As it is right now Enemy Stacking is a particularly major issue, letting 5 or more enemies occupy the same space and attacking all at the same whilst your character, depending on weapon choice, can only cleave through at most 3 of them at a time.

Now this isn’t an issue in a controlled environment but when put into context of more than a handful of enemies doing this all at once it tends to become a bit of an issue, forcing players to do a constant game of backwards dodging and blocking to be able to survive since doing otherwise means taking multiple hits all at once.

This sort of situation also gets much worse or annoying when you factor in Specials, especially when the enemies surrounding and clipping through them then act as meat-shields for any attacks sent their way.


There is problem with collisions. Just my small observation.

Enemies have -noclip on certain actions they do (or something like that, just trying to sound cool here :woman_scientist: ).

One action is climbing and one engage/charge and when you combine this all the trouble AI has in this game you are here.

Go find some patrol, chaos patrols are best because they often contain different units with different movement speed, while ratrol has same units.
Follow them around and wait for some obstacle they have to climb.
When they reach it they start climbing and turn on -noclip.
And then you can watch how they walk through each other.

Several maps like have beautiful open locations for patrols (Against the grain is almost 100% to see this).
Patrol will climb over fence or some of those things they have in path and reach end of their journey.
And with -noclip they climb over fence and stop :stop_sign:. And then another one climbs over and stops. And another one :repeat:.
Whole patrol stops and they are all on one place.

(PS: Collision is absolutely awful in this game, enemies walking through you, that total nonsense with pushing your teammates, meh …:grimacing: )

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Enemies standing inside each other and hitting through each other is deffenitely one of the bigger problems this game has.


I dont understand a lot of game coding etc, but I think it has the same engine as V1, that means same physics if I got this right. Can the engine even calculate all the collisions in a horde?
How would it affect the gameplay if each horde gets a mile long because the frontrow is waiting for the 3 rats in front to die?
I totally understand the problematic with stacking enemies and especially when climbing stuff they become a small deathball, but I knew it from V1 so it didnt bug me too much.
Where exactly this problematic is totally devastating is with CW, if the big guys start to stack and you dont see 2 different animations you will get oneshot.

Riffing on what you said. I was playing as Kerillian in champion, and two moments of the match really stuck out to me.

In the first, I was in a cave fighting a chaos horde with the glaive. Because of the enemy stacking, I was striking a space, seeing corpses appear, while still seeing the space as occupied by the horde. Passing through eachother mean’t they could bypass the terrain advantage that I had. I picked a place where I coudl funnel them, but because they could no-clip ontop of eachother, that funneling didn’t provide me with much of an advantage.

In the second, I was fighting the boss at full health (1 grim). And without having ever taken damage, I was down. A small horde of slave rats hit me from behind, but all of their swings were timed at the same moment – such that when they were in range, I was hit by 5 at once, giving me no real time to react or adjust. On the one hand, this happened because I lacked situational awareness, but on the other, it was an artifact of perfectly simultaneous attacks and a horde that can no-clip ontop of itself.

In these moments it feels like the game is winning because of an exploit, and these moments can be damn frustrating.

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Wait til you have 3 chaos maulers all in virtually identical positions due to non-clipping wallop
you with an axe at the same time. No fun. Almost instant- down. Even blocking with IB means suddenly no stamina and sometimes immediate sudden battering. If I’m going in as a tank I don’t expect to be thumped by five maulers at the same time and the same instant.

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