Enemy render distance too short. Causing pop-in during gameplay

Ive been noticing something very off putting and immersion breaking during game-play.

Enemy render distance seems to be very short to the point that they seem too magically pop in to view which is really annoying.
It is noticeable on every map so far and more so on bigger open maps where you see nothing in front of you and all of a sudden there a 15-20 rats that magically pop into view around the player as you get closer.
Any chance the enemy render distance could be increased would be appreciated as the pop-in is really immersion breaking during game-play.

I dont think it’s render related but the AI director ACTUALLY popping them down on the map in in line of sight of us players instead of places where we cant see it

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For me, depending on the view angle/distance sometimes enemies appear/disappear.

Only specials seems to spawn on your face.

yea, it’s quite glaringly apparent that they pop into view when you are advancing into open areas (into the nest long bridge area, halescourge after the elevator ride and before the broken house jump etc)

it’s kinda bad game trigger designs tbh =( maybe done that way to further reduce load times, or to prevent trueshots from killing things half the map away idk

also, the area after halescourge elevator ride is EXTREMELY buggy. hordes from upstairs running in the air or getting stuck in the cellar (it’s kinda fun to open it up and flame everything tho)

I’ve only noticed this since the latest summer patch. On big open maps, you can actually see normal mobs popping into view as you get closer. I remember sitting up on the hills in Athel Yenlui and picking off enemies really far away with my longbow. Now I can’t see them until I get closer…

Against the Grain with it’s big, open fields has very noticeable enemy spawn-in.

Very rarely, I’ve had ambients spawn about 2m in front of me, usually when I walk around corners.