Enemies have too much reach

This has been a problem for quite some time. Enemies try to hit you, you get away from them, see their blade clearly pass you by and whammo! you get downed by a hit that by no means should have got you, especially as you can’t reach them from there either. The enemies’ reach is much too high by default. Any rat with a broken piece of a spear that they wield in one hand can get you at the same reach that you have with a two-handed weapon. This is just frustrating and really unbalanced. I get that a Blackrat or a Chaoswarrior has a higher reach with their heavy attack. But why can’t Kerillian with a frickin’ glaive or Kruber with his halberd get the same reach? And why does Kerillian use her glaive as if it was a double weapon? Why does the rapier not have the reach of an actual rapier that usually has a blade length of about 100cm? The reach of the melee weapons of the characters and the enemies really needs a fix. And if you can even SEE that the weapon did not reach you, then that makes it even worse.


Yeah, i think it’s especially annoying when chaos fanatics(also elite vesrion of them) swing their blade like 1m away from you but you still get hit. And this is why dodging their running attacks is very difficult(i like challange, but that just feels unfair).

But i don’t think that reach of melee weapons should be increased. Like maybe on a few stabbing attacks i would add about 10%(like on sienna’s push stab, because push often gets enemies out of range of a follow up), but i’d prefer if attack range got in line with animations for enemies.

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I think skavens are okay.

The chaos dudes, however, are just ridiculous.

My friend is so annoyed how his greatsword can’t reach a fanatic but a fanatic with a tiny knife can reach him.


That’s totally a not so good design, but the game is balanced around it now, so barely anything can be done with it without massive rebalance. At best it’s gonna get fixed in VT3.

I think they can manage it in a few months. No need to w8 for V3 to fix those flaws.


Are you serious, dude? Maybe wait till the fix crafting, talents and weapon balance first?

Even from empirical perspective, FS didn’t fix any of those “in a few months”. Yet somehow you state, that they can fix mob range problem in the same amount of time.


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DIfferent people may be working on fixing craft talents and etc, and actual animation\reach.
Do you really think that this insane reach is not a problem at all? For me it would be higher priority that talent and weapon balancing(assuming same people work on those 2).
And it does affect balance, a lot actually. This alone may be the reason why ranged is so much prefered over melee.
And yes, they can reduce reach to reasonable and bump up damage and hp in a few months for example. It’s not that ‘impossibly’ hard, and they already did it with some elites. I think you are overreacting.
Also they have been completely reworking textures, that’s the reason why green dust problem is still a problem


This is especially obvious when you stand on high ground and see a clanrat whack you from below with his puny one hand weapon, from a distance 3x time his height. Happens in solo play too so it is not a lag problem.

Also this issue has also existed in V1 as i remember, made me a paranoid blocker lol.


Just curious, what’s your FOV set at? If you leave it at 60 or whatever the default is then enemy reach feels right. If you crank up the FOV then you get better peripheral vision at the cost of front enemies seeming far away. It was like this in V1 too… solution is to learn what distance enemies can hit you at and play accordingly.


Some of the upward and downward strikes of enemies, when you’re above or below them, have strange reaches too.


It doesn’t.


The 2-handed swords have less range than all the other weapons, this is just another absurd bug exacerbating the other issues.


The Greatswords have inconsistent reach with the other two handers - it’s really easy to notice if you use the Executioner Sword one round and then follow up with the 2H sword. It really needs to be fixed.

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Those are the worst. They seem to be the quickest too. I avoid fighting on stairs like a plague.


The best is when a CW puts his rollerblades on and skates at you with his giant axe charging up. Or when you get hit, hold block and 360 your camera only to find nothing anywhere near you. Yeah, fun times.


I often find myself on Pyro for instance, with my staff out. I see a regular trash rat in front of me going into attack animation. I dodge backwards, there is now, what, 6 feet between us? The little half-spear still hits me. It’s not every time, but it’s super annoying that the ranges don’t even seem to be consistent - or have anything to do with the attack animation itself.


Those are shockwaves. Fs took this design feature from Dark Souls 2.

I kek’d

Shockwaves are a bullshit concept of they don’t exist in the canon lore. Besides, giving standard cannonfodder such a powerful attack would completely screw the balance of the fights. Additionally, dodging woukd become a useless ability in that case, so why not scrap it completely? And simply giving mobs a new ability that isn’t explained or self-explanatory like all other abilities of all other enemies makes simply no sense at all.

Still nothing happening here. It’s still a huge problem. You’re wielding a big fat poleaxe and a skaven with a fricking shiv still has more reach than you. And better enemies not only have incredible reach, but even shuffle after you, making dodging impossible and since their power attacks can’t be blocked completely… really, a fix for this would be necessary

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