Is there anything in the works for hit registration or "reach" length issues?

I continue to get out-reached by generic skavan (not the ones with polearms/spears, but the ones with a shortsword) vs my axes/hammers (both 1h and 2h)

Why? How can a shortsword have more reach than a 2h hammer/axe or even a 1h hammer/axe?

Makes no sense. 0.

Also on weapons with crowd control wide sweeps (mainly 2h hammers) there’s always like 1 enemy that gets missed. I have enemies point blank and center on my screen yet it like “skips” them. I think I read a dev post about Executioner sword and Kerillian’s Glaive having this issue and that it would be addressed. I feel like it happens on nearly every 2h weapon I’ve tried to use, ever. Just throwing that out there.

If a rat is directly in front of me and i do a sweep attack, it should hit them. Period.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sadly, several of these things aren’t entirely fixable by virtue of integral limitations of the way hit registration is done in the game engine, but they certainly need to patch it up as best as they can ofc.

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