Enemies have learned Kerillian's "Shadewalk" ability, and my bots are getting annihilated. Ahhh! XB1

I’ve noticed ever since the most recent update for Xbox One elites, specials, and even slave rats/chaos dudes seem to appear out of thin air behind myself and my bots (or multiplayer companions) at random throughout gameplay. Whenever this happens, there’s no noise, warning, or even the impending backstab “woosh” noise to give me a remote chance to defend myself. Hook rats, ratlings, flame rats produce none of their usual telltale noises, so I’ve found myself and previously mentioned companions getting ganked for no apparent reason.

Example: Last night I was playing on Festering Ground. After clearing the first cave of buboes, I jumped down the ledge and immediately had a Ratling Gunner spawn in front of me already firing, dropping my health to zero almost instantly. I did record this as well, but Xbox is a pain in the backside to upload videos with.

I’m curious if I’m alone in this issue, or if anyone else has noticed the same thing happening? Before the update I could clear Champions with my bots methodically, even with the occasional BS hiccups- now I feel like I’m playing with Veteran difficulty bots that can’t efficiently defend themselves against something that’s obviously not right.

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