Fix the bots already

On the Xbox on Champion, I’ve seen the following:

  1. Attempting to block flamer rat attacks with a ranged weapons equipped.
  2. Bots running the map with ranged weapons in hand and using ranged attacks against hordes.
  3. Only switching to melee after they’ve been hit.
  4. Bots equipped with ranged weapons walking over to remove catcher rats and stab rats rather than just shooting them immediately.
  5. Bots randomly falling off ledges.
  6. Bots traversing the map to go after elites.
  7. Bots no longer following me because of an elite located somewhere on the map taking priority.
  8. Bots not using ranged weapons against flamer rat and gattling rats. As noted above, they just move into the line of fire with ranged weapons equipped and get shredded.

The list goes on, but this is the worst stuff I’ve noticed.


I can confirm, everything is correct. All this should be fixed as soon as possible - until the game is finally abandoned by the Developers.

That said, while this is all bad, it is possible to play well on Legend with bots solo (which is the only way for me). And even higher.

Many of these problems seem to be based in the issue of how bots react when they spot specials, running right after them to kill them that is.

This is a different one though, happens on PC on skittergate around the first tome for one.

This one,…you wouldnt happen to encounter this one with other enemies around? Because bots cannot quickscope so if other enemies are around they wont pull out guns.

Add to this, bots going shields up and just standing there when facing a horde.

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Bots are pretty bad in this game and since you’re on Xbox, you might not have access to mods.

Regardless, the bot AI improvement mod hasn’t been updated in over a year and the only feature that actually works now is bots tagging elites. All of the other features seem to be borked.

PC players feel your pain.

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