Endless joining of clients

I have seen as of late a problem while hosting, since 2.0 i believe, happened more than 2 times, so reoccuring.
I get my full group of fellow ratslayers, they try to join, but one is taking an odd long time to load in. The other 2 are just waiting for the 3rd to end his loading in my game, as in can’t manifest while the 3rd isn’t quite there yet.
Thing is, it just drags on. Turning cyrcle never answers to requests via chat, other 2 are responsive though. Can’t disband while the 3rd is still in the joining process.
At this point half-a-dozen other players tried to join and disconnected after getting only blackscreen, asking me to disband as they themselves can’t quit my game, either. So for them to go they have to alt+f4, same for me, i have to quit the game to not entrap more people in my game of unending loading and free those still entangled (for atleast they get send back to their keep, or so i hope).

That’s the most ennoying part, having to close the game to solve the problem.

My guess is it has something to do with bad internet connection on the clients side, as i (before 2.0 though) waited like 4 mins for one person to join, who came from faaar away, australia or phillipines or smth like that, but others could still join and disconnect as they wish, getting into my keep and all.
How was the joining system changed that this can happen if a situation like this occurs, ending my game and that of others? Should i wait to find out why this person took so long?
Anyway, i can give you my session log if that’s of some help as well as the steam ID of the person who tried to join (in a private message, of course), but as he states on his profile he is from switzerland, so there shouldn’t be any problems to connect to germany, tbh.

console-2019-09-12-18.11.28-e6d09172-8ef5-42fd-b5ab-e6019b4c8ed3.log (326.7 KB)

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