Endless crashes. [Crash Link]: crashify://25d2f6cb-05eb-48d4-9c65-cb5ab2258752

It started with a crash here and there then only got more and more frequent. To the point where I cannot take more than a few steps after loading in without a crash. Then I noticed that it did it to every other multiplayer game I tried to play. Including modern warfare 2, escape the backrooms, dying light 2, divinity 2, back 4 blood (which was not through steam like the others), and Deep rock galactic. I have tried to limit my fps, lower graphics, uninstall drivers, use older drivers, even factory reset my computer. Nothing has worked yet.
Steps to reproduce, launch just about any game then wait.
Across any platform I’ve tried.
Been having this issue all week. Darktide worked fine as did other games until this last weekend.
I know I don’t have allot to go on, but I have been struggling with this all week and am running out of options.

console-2022-11-24-00.47.04-25d2f6cb-05eb-48d4-9c65-cb5ab2258752.log (49.6 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (29.4 KB)

Note if you’re getting it multiple different games then its likely a system problem. Have you tried looking to see if you’re perhaps overheating? a temperature monitor of both your CPU and GPU may help here.

I’d also run a full windows update.

You can also try disabling your anti-virus as well

I have checked and the temps are fine. I updated everything I could find. I didn’t try the antivirus thingh though, would it just randomly cuase every game to crash suddenly one day like that?

Anti-virus can have a very weird problem where an anti-virus update can basically start flagging stuff as ‘bad’. This can be especially bad if it uses heuristics, which is a fancy term for “lets throw a dart at a board and guess if this game is alien malware”. Double check if your anti-virus has heuristics which might be labelled as ‘zero day protection’ or some other fanciful term.

Ah that is annoying. I think I had a problem with it years ago but nothing this bad. Just like a specific thing not working instead of now which is like everythig, and big well known titles too. But I turned it off to test it and it still crashes all the same.

Unfortunately if its happening with many other games the causes are likely more your system.

Since your error from the logs indicates a graphical driver issue still, its possible your driver stack is bad in some way

I would use the DDU tool to uninstall your drivers, REBOOT, then install the latest drivers from Nvidia, REBOOT.

Okay I will give it a go. Cross your fingers and pray to the Omnissiah for me.

Still no luck… I apriciate the input and the link and everything though.

Would it make any difference if I got a new graphics card or anything? Getting kind of desperate at this point.

I mean a 2070 is fine tbh unless you want to sell your first born for a 4000 series card

Its a bit hard to tell what might be wrong. Given its happening in multiple games it feels like its a system level issue but its hard to tell what that might be.

Might not even fix the issue then,

I do appriciate you trying to help of course. Thanks for all that.
At this point I suppose i’ll wait for Nvidia to release a new driver and see if it does anything.
looking out for anything i can on the way