Crash Already Crashing 1.0.21

Good job guys you really fixed the game with all the crash updates! Literally 2 games in and my entire system locked up… No BSOD, no task manager, forced to reboot. AGAIN, this is the only game out of 300 games I have issues with… I really dont understand how one developer can be so incompetent with their own engine!

crash_dump-2022-12-21-16.41.49-b0cb6af5-b3ac-4c55-81c4-9fa366c7cfde.dmp (962.2 KB)
console-2022-12-21-17.27.21-f15724ae-5fad-47fe-9aef-68cd461e2ac8.log (57.8 KB)

you can make it through 2 games
I’ve never even gotten through one

Same here. All runs crash 5-10 minutes in. Haven’t been able to complete any. One of the first games I’ve ever purchased that is literally unplayable.

when i look in the mirror after remembering that I preordered darktide the day it was avalable

Is there a corresponding error in the Windows Event Viewer?

Before patch 1.0.20 crashing was just closing the EXE… NOWWWWW when the game crashes the EXE locks up, I can alt tab to desktop but as soon as I manually end task the darktide exe my system completely locks up, no BSOD but hard freezes it until I manually reboot. What are we, a month+ into this launch? Still crashing??? No crash dumb because the its locks everything up and never really closes the exe… 3080 Ti + 12700k zero issues with any other games… How can you guys have so many issues with YOUR OWN DAMN ENGINE!!! MANNNNNNN!!!

console-2022-12-31-18.50.40-d9a79f21-9532-45e1-82f5-a3a7488adeae.log (95.4 KB)
console-2022-12-31-18.15.41-00afbe9c-2df2-49c8-b479-1e9c37c79b36.log (174.8 KB)