I formatted my computer for Darktide

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I just wanted to share my afternoon with you all.

Infuriated by the constant and seemingly completely random crashes my game would encounter, but still enjoying the game anyway, I took the decision to… It’s in the title.

Yes, I formated all my drives clean, all of them, threw everything into the Warp.

The reason behind this data Exterminatus ?

I was running on Windows 11 and wanted to check if Windows 10 would help on the constant crashes. My 3060 and Ryzen 7 SHOULD be able to handle the game no matter what.

In the end, it seems like it’s working, my first game went smooth (I noticed a slight freeze on the first shot I took with my power staff).

If you ever feel like it, I will update you on my experience.

See you soon !


Going back to an outdated os will probably make things worse.

People have reported that while the game does run far smoother on windows 11, it also crashes far more frequently.

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The game seems to run quite similarly, but unfortunatly, it crashed once more.

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Windows 10 is not outdated and won’t be for a couple of years.

In fact, plenty of games report crashes and instability on W11 (at least more often than in W10 anyway), so it’s worth the try if you are willing to.


Windows 10 is in it’s prime now, anyone on 11 is still beta testing lol

I just built two PC’s, one for a friend and myself, I put windows 10 on both.

My crashing has stopped since and my friends as well.

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My brother in the God Emperor. Look at what you just did. You just reformatted your entire PC and switched back to a different OS just for this unstable game.

Reject 40k until they fix it. Vermintide 2 is still fun and doesn’t crash.

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Worthy dedication to the emperor , dont listen to these heretics and welcome back to win 10 we have a start menu with actual features!

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Little update : Windows 11 really was the main reason behind constant crashes on my computer, while Windows 10 isn’t 100% perfect, the frequency on which the game crashes drastically diminished.