Continues to crash at the start, Unplayable

So I made a post a while ago, Here Game Crashes before It starts - #9 by reallygoodname, And had a small power outage. so when I was able to redownload the game I was hoping that it would be fixed. And yet It’s completely unplayable still. The same thing keeps happening no matter what I do. I’ve tried every recommended fix and retried them when power came back on and still I’m unable to even get in. It’s super frustrating, I was really hoping it’d be a fixed issue by now but I still have the same problems every time I try to launch the game. I like the game I do and I wanna be able to enjoy the beta since I pre ordered to do so, but I’m worried I’ll just have to wait until the game comes out.

There’s a number of crash threads pinned at the top, consider contributing to those instead of making a new topic. They contain instructions with how to post logs, and some recommended workarounds.

My problem is literally that none of those have worked, everything I have tried before hasn’t worked. I have looked through the topics plenty and have tried their workarounds. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have made a new post. (Sorry if this came off rude or anything not at all how i want to come off!)

But you haven’t posted your logs, your crash dump or anything for anyone to help you out, so I’m not sure what you expect. If you don’t mean to contibute to the discourse, you may as well wait rather than add another post.

Without logs nobody knows what kind of crash you’re getting so.

I literally have everything required in the old post, If I need to repost them then fine. But none of my problems have changed, i get the same logs and dump every time which is why I don’t feel the need to repost it every single time. And It’s a forum, I’m not meaning to add to discourse I’m wanting to get my problem fixed and not be tossed into the sea of thousands waiting until the game launched before getting a problem addressed.

console-2022-11-23-22.39.08-2028dfc7-7e1f-489a-b024-259a91b94b3d.log (2.4 KB)

crash_dump-2022-11-23-23.07.18-d2e3194e-b9e2-4808-ab39-95f5c5fd778b.dmp (1.4 MB)

Once again, Here are crash logs and dump.

I believe this is related to something we’re currently looking in to, so I’ve raised this to our database.