End of Bögenhafen Box?

There are
54 weapon skins
15 head gears
15 body skins
= 84 items

If you didnt miss any Box,today you can got your final skin from the first Box.


Will Fatshark improve this Box?

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For those that have received all possible items from the Bögenhafen Strongboxes, the Bögenhafen weeklies will no longer be available and players will not receive more Bögenhafen Strongboxes than cosmetics attainable. These changes are due to take place by the end of the workweek (8th February 2019).

Quoted from the post that is linked at the moment at the top of the forum.

I find it somewhat disappointing.


Thanks for the answer.

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What… there’s… am I missing something, @anon94217107? Have we not gone over this in about 20 other threads at this point? I understand you want something really badly, but repeatedly bringing it up does not increase the likelihood of it happening. I think it’ll certainly help the ‘skins for Zealot’ situation grow, but it’ll grow more like a tumor as opposed to a following.

I think you are asking the question rhetorically, but even so: I don’t believe a ‘brand-new, non-recolor skin’ has been introduced for Ol’ Saltzy’s Zealot career.


That’s F Up!

Yeah, they could really have dropped commendation hats and regular red illusions…


low effort entail, but who else will argue about that? none will listen - they’re more like the avatar of lacking.

Well they said they are thinking of a way to give us red illusions so they are bound to come up with something, sooner or later

Oh nonono honey. Thats not how Fatshark works.
Maybe dedicated servers and a working kick/ban system will drop after the last box?

They could at least make the weeklies into commendation chests…

I know hedge said something about there being special challanges or something for people who have got all the boxes.

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That would be beautiful. Specifically, anything raising my chances at commendation hats is most welcome.

This is not completely true. Server matters are a different matter, but regarding content, fatshark delivers IF quite quite slowly

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