Elusive white skin for Handmaiden

A few months ago I watched a youtube video where the man playing was using a white skin on the handmaiden, as in her robes/attire are white with silver accents. I can’t find anything about it online, so I’m wondering whether it even exists. I’ve never seen it in-game myself so I think the video I watched had a mod for the skin. My elf is level 35 (+182) and every chest I’ve earned from missions and those levels I’ve opened on her. Never seen the skin. Never got red daggers either (I’m choked as f*** about that)

Does this skin exist?

this world needs more elf haters :c

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It’s probably a skin in the files. Download more items library and give all hats mods. Go into modded realm and check it out.

Agreed. Filthy knife ears