Demon Sienna fanart

This helmet was short lived on her, but she burns in our memory forever.
PS : please fatshark we need her :wink:

DA link


was half expecting some NSFW artwork of a hot young sultry sienna, was disappointed

Why does she have the Handmaiden cosmetic helm on? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because it was a thing with some mods, and it worked in the official realm for a few days. This helmet/career combo proved quite interesting (moreso than official unchained cosmetics), and I started an artwork of it before the patch removed the possibility.

Kind of NSFW


It’s yours? quite a funny picture of modded realms :slight_smile:
Curren’tly working on our favorite witch hunter, should drop it here in a few days.

No lol, it was on the steam community page, thought it was funny and saved it.

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