Dwarf dlc issue

hello i bought the new playable dwarf character disliked it and opened a ticket to steam support if i could get my money back.so far so good i played over 2 hours and that was ok.the real problem starts now.when i go to challenges in the book it says i unlocked an armor but i cant recive it couse i have the character but somehow the game thinks i dont have it so i cant redeem the armor.worst part of it all was i saved all my recources to create the new pistol to upgrade it to red equipment(sry english is not my native language i try my best).i wanted to put on an illusion for this weapon and it was gone.bcs the game thinks i got my money back everything i unequip dissapears …is there a way to fix this issue its a lil bit frustrating since i saved all my mats to upgrade the new pistol and now its just gone…

Hi @twiztidchris,

I’ve responded to your other post over on the Steam forum.


ok thank you didnt noticed

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